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  1. Hello Spanner, there will soon release for IPS4? Regards!
  2. Hello, How can I change the title of sliders appear in the middle? Now showing left. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you Mike. I will try later.
  4. I did the update and everything is OK. What is this extra option Video - adds a new title and URL address - what is their purpose?
  5. Hello Mike, how it can update to the new version and how it can you lose the translation is made? Regards!
  6. Excellent answer, thank you. Thanks and for the demo.
  7. I have another mind - I want to clarify what is the algorithm of the slider. It shows a picture that is in the article (or topic), right? But if there are some pictures which photo shows the slider - the first, second or random? The pictures in the articles may have a size of 800 x 500 px or 1200 x 750 px. A slider is at 200 x 10 (for example). This means that slider resizes them and makes them smaller, right? Yes, thanks for the demo.
  8. Yes, I have to agree with this - the slider needs a variety of photos to be beautiful. I understand slider to withdraw them from the article or topic. But how does it work if there are more photos - first you take? Moreover guess resizes images in slider size? Funny . I use it .
  9. Thank you, 1. No, it only supports IPS applications - This is bad, but think about what I can do. 2. It will show a default image - Can I ask different default images for Topics, Articles of Pages, Calendar events? I want to ensure that they do not show the same picture for Articles, Topics, Events. I guess the bottom of the image will be shown the Article Title, Topics, Event? 3. Yes, you can create multiple sliders for different forums - Excellent. And can it be done for different Calendars and Categories on Pages? Thanks again!
  10. Hello, The application looks very good, congratulations. I have three questions and I'll be grateful for the help. 1. Can I get automatic slider data from other applications that are not part of IPS4 - Pages, Forums, Calendar... I mean if you can automatically display news from different categories of this application: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7587-news/ 2. My other question is about the content slider if no image - for example, topics from Forum "1" or events from Calendar "2". They no images - only text - then what shows slider? 3. Did I understand that I can create
    The application works perfectly!
  11. Yes, what I want - three different blocks in each of them to poll three different topics.
  12. Hello Mike, can I see somewhere demo? Тhanks in advance.
  13. Can be added 2-3 blocks polls from 2-3 different topics? Or can only block one? And there is a possibility of different pages have different poll - as the forum for cars is a poll for cars, forum for food is a poll for healthy eating?
    Great app for sharing videos. I recommend to anyone who needs such functionality in their site. For each application is an important support team. Mike definitely tries and react quickly. Thanks for any developers. I will trust him and his products.
  14. Hello Mike, version of the Video system is 3.0.3. Problem it will then update to the video system for IPB 4? I expect every time to do an update of IPB 4. Should I upgrade from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4?
  15. How can I see what is my version of Video system?
  16. OK, I will follow Video support. Thank you.
  17. Hello Mike, What is the latest version of IPB 3.4.6? I'll see if I'm with her and has updated if necessary. Then we'll do an update to IPB 4.
  18. Thanks then I will wait the new version and will only do update and the data will be saved.
  19. Hello Mike, I will update the forum IPB 4. How can then do update Video system for IPB 4? Will I have to do the translation again? Is there a possibility to lose contents of videos and comments? Or everything will be maintained. Greetings!
  20. Hello Spanner, I see that work on version IPS 4. I do update the forum IPS 4. Then you will be able to use your mod. After the update, however, will add it again. What will happen then to the available information about the companies, the translation, categories ... Regards!
  21. Hello Mike, if you pass IPB 4 update and a Video System is not ready what was happening. Can not be used?
  22. Hello DawPi, I started to read the entire thread, but in the beginning of 2009 and decided to directly ask a few questions. I would be grateful for help to decide whether to buy this mod. 1. I see a price of $ 30, but will not have any annual fee for maintenance and updates to new versions. 2. We will work with IPB 4? 3. I do not buy and do not use IP.Download, IP.Blog and IP.Nexus - I need me these applications to run your mod? Other questions are entirely functionality itself, as I have not much experience. 4. I really do not understand how to add ads, do you understand of programming
  23. Hello, I downloaded archive and inside a folder called "admin". In which folder to attach: in the root directory of the site /public_html or /public_html/admin? Thanks in advance and thanks for the update .
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