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  1. I have been asking for a solution to this problem for a long time. Unfortunately @Kevin Carwile apps then abandoned
  2. @Faqole " This file is not currently available for purchase."
  3. It would be great if this application generates a log file with the list of modified posts or links
  4. Will version 4.4 have Service Works enabled? (Not active in alpha version) Only the manifest is not enough for Android to automatically prompt users to add the site to the home screen.
  5. Yes! I would like this appeal. Many times the topic is disapproved and gets 404 error. So we can approve the topic and delete from 404 error list
  6. With the new features of version 4.4 the sticky menu is practically mandatory.
  7. For this to work the IPS will have to also create the Service Works. I have this feature working for almost a year.
  8. Hello! @Fosters Two suggestions for next version: 1 - We often fix the broken link without changing the url. It would be nice to have the possibility to delete the url registered in the table. 2 - Whenever we save the "New Target" we do not go back to the previous page. This is annoying because we always have to apply the filter again. "
  9. In Downloads Limits -> Maximum Downloads per Day: I have set to 5. That way when the user reaches the limit is necessary for him to wait 24 hours to download something again. But when the user reaches the maximum download quota, a generic error is displayed when he try to download something, so the user do not know what to do, the users get mad cause don't know how much downloads have made, don't know how many time he will need to wait to download something again, and just as a plus, the users in that situation usualy ask for help in many channels, proper or not, making our forum team to work a little bit more than the necessary explaining to every user in that situation something that we think should have been informated instead of the generic error. A little more error handling in the downloads system will be very usefull and very nice improvment to the download system. Will be amazing if in the user profile, he(we) can see how many downloads he have done, and if the downloads are blocked or not, and the time when the downloads will be available for him again. We think that with some changes like that suggesteds, the system will work for us, and not us, to it. Maybe we can achive that with a better plugin, or even better, integrate something like this direct into IPS.
  10. You can show an ad only after the user has created a topic? Today I use this way but I do not have the expected result -> member.member_posts == 1 It would spend something like -> member.member_topics == 1
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