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  1. If you need testers once you get closer to release let me know. Am registered on your site
  2. Any idea on pricing so I can hit my guys up for donations? lol
  3. Please add support for Playstv to be embedded just like YouTube. With playstv being part of AMD Gaming Evolved, a lot of people that game are starting to use it and for game video it is much quicker for us than to have to then upload the videos to YouTube where the video quality gets diminished.
  4. @Aiwa Was starting to think you had given up on your site. Glad to see you are updating.
  5. Aiwa I do have one question. Once released will there be files that have to be uploaded separately or will the entire install be done via ACP? Only asking cause currently hosting with IPS and they do not have ftp access anymore. Won't be a problem once we move to self host but not sure when that will be.
  6. Also wondering if you will be updating this to work with V4.1.x? If not I hope you will be doing something for BF5 when it comes out.
  7. Any Idea yet on how much this will cost? Getting it regardless.
  8. I just wish what he released before he found out he was sick worked as advertised. When I installed it, it worked for every other person that linked their steam. For the 50% it worked on it worked good. I had disabled it and now when I re-enable it, it doesn't work at all.
  9. Is it possible to add a graphic in the Donation Note?
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