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File Reviews posted by Phil7789

  1. At the time of this review the app cannot be used useful anymore.

    Twitch abandoned it's old API and the way you have to authenticate with the new API. Since the changes took place the app does not work 100% anymore. The login handler still works as of now, but you cannot add any new streamers and the streamer widget is broken (some streamers are not shown, while others never go offline).

    This change in the API was announced month ago and while the dev replied to me some weeks ago that the app will be updated there is no update yet. Because the login handler still works 3/5 stars, I will adjust the review once the app is working again (if it will).

  2. The button itself works as expected, but with a huge disadvantage: Wherever the editor is displayed global announcements are styled wrong. After uninstalling the button the announcements went back to normal for me. (IPS 4.4.3, also with default theme and disabled 3rd party addons)

    What it should look like:

    What it looks like when the editor with the message box button is present:

  3. Stable app and very responsive developer. Always there to help and listening to bug reports trying to fix them asap.

    If you wonder which TS3 Integration app to buy choose this one. I have both and this one is the better one imo. Better support, better price, better app (It is missing TS3 permission settings but this is nice-to-have and not really needed as you always (both apps) can only configure one server, so you can easily set the permissions inside the server itself)

  4. This application does exactly what it is supposed to do plus the support is great and super fast.

    It's very easy to manage positions with this app. Just create an application your users can see and apply for. If you accept the users application they can be automatically promoted and start with their work right away.

    Uses a lot of nice notifications so you always know what you're up to (both staff and applicant).

  5. This plugin is absolutely awesome. What bugs me a little is that it throws an uncatched error from time to time. With uncatched I mean the page throws an error for the user "Something went wrong", but the logs do not contain anything for this error.

    Several users already mentioned the problem to the dev on github, but there is no fix as of now. Neither is any information if somebody works on this problem or what might cause the problem (several months now).

    If users get this error they have to try several times until it works, not that good for communities, when users are unable to log in / register.

    Back to 5 Stars when this problem is fixed.

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