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  1. One can only hope this addition comes with customization's such as font, font color and background color nodes? Either way I will enjoy seeing this as a native addition to IPB!
  2. I'm excited to see a feature to replace the deleted posts system in 3.x, though, I much rather permanently store deleted threads until trashed as it was in 3.x but this system alone will allow me to grant moderators the ability to delete once more.
  3. @Petja would dislike if I could but for the respect of the OP I'll keep this on topic. Here's an open source script that looks promising. As far as the structure I'm unsure if you want points to be generated for game wins (like minigame sites) or use forum user accounts as players. This is an easy integration and if I find the time to do so I'll be happy to share at no charge. PS: If you haven't already, get ip.pages as this would greatly benefit such a request.
  4. I cannot find an option to alter the grace period on hosting accounts. I've looked in the database and all over settings finding the settings node with no luck.
  5. That is a grotesque quote and said coder should be ashamed of such. As for as the 403 that is normally permission issues. Ensure the custom.php has the appropriate chmod(777) permission set.
  6. Revert to a backup and export posts and whatever else you want to retain from the database.
  7. I have cron set up to handle tasks but it has me a little nervous. Cron Job: Tasks: Ever since I toggled cron to handle said job I've had tasks qued until I manually run them. The one above has been there for about 3 hours now.
  8. @Rhett turns out memcached does not currently support php7.0 so I had to go back to 5.6. It's working now. One question about the servers field. What is the appropriate configuration? should it be localhost:memcachedport or how does that work?
  9. Unfortunately I am the host. I've installed memcache and memcached on centos 7 and it seems operational on my end. I'll run a few tests to make sure it was installed properly.
  10. Trying to choose a caching method but it will not let me select any of them. I'm trying to use memcached but no luck. (Yes, it's installed.) ^-- Everything looks normal but the radials are not clickable.
  11. @AndyF I understand the project was abandoned but customers who purchased still need to be able to download it or else a refund should be given.
  12. I'm trying to pull the latest thread in a specific category to display as a string but I'm unable to locate said variable. My goal here is to add the latest announcement in the announcement section onto my sub header. Any assistance would be great!
  13. 3rd parties. Perhaps possible but one of them seems recent as it was chatbox by bim. I'll investigate further was just inquiring the default protocol for uninstalling 3rd party apps.
  14. Why do field list items from uninstalled apps not delete once the app has been uninstalled? I went browsing through my core_member database and there's tons and tons of field list items from applications previously uninstalled and from applications uninstalled years ago. Is this and issue with just my distribution or do they not actually delete?
  15. I'm having the same issue. Happened right after updating an application. I like how it says contact support about invalid license when you need a license to contact support.
    Excellent plugin that allows webmasters to give each category it's own atmosphere with a very welcoming cover photo! Plugin developer is also VERY responsive to support inquires.
  16. Perhaps, there are several thousand topics, though, I let it go all night and no results. I'll try to think of an alternate method of showcasing the marketplace.
  17. I'm adding multiple sliders to one page and when I add a section to display, in particular it's my marketplace, it breaks all other current sliders and sends the page on a never-ending load until I delete the slider. What could cause this?
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