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File Reviews posted by Deathicated

  1. Application works well if you don't mind deleting old applications manually through the database (which isn't possible if you're hosted in IPS cloud.) Reached out to the developer for a feature request and was met with a very spastic response.

    Me: Can there be a setting to purge denied applications after X amount of days and perhaps the ability to delete an application?
    Adriano: You might know that deleting will give the ability to the user to apply again. Not sure it makes sense.

    MeCorrect. I want them to be able to reapply after 3 months.
    That would require a massive change in the whole workflow. I’ll take a look when IPS5 is released.
    Me: The ability to just delete an application would suffice.
    AdrianoThat doesn’t make sense to me, so no, sorry.
    How come? What if the person wants to redo their application? What if you want to prune old rejected applications? Surely I'm not the only one who's suggested such feature. Not allowing people to reapply doesn't really make sense to me. To each their own, I guess.
    Adriano: Ok, you made your suggestion. It’s uo to me to accept it or not. Thank you.
    Adrianoleaves conversation

    It's their work so of course it's their decision but the response is evident enough they're not willing to work with their customers. My review does not reflect the fact that my idea was rejected, but how the developer responded to it.

  2. Edit
    An update has been released to address the issues I highlighted below. I was also compensated for my renewal due to the lack of updates for some period of time.

    Support is great, but updates are a very rare commodity. Currently, steam IDs don't populate in core_members which means the profile integration does not work until someone manually sets said members steam ID through the database. This is very tiresome especially when you get 30-40 new registrations per day. I paid $35 and have to pay $12.50 every 6 months for no updates what-so-ever.

    I reported this bug on June 11th 2018
    With no updates committed, I reached out again on July 15th and got a response.


    I've got a few bugs I'm still investigating, looking to release them all together and put the login handler through more thorough testing before the next release. Planning a release next weekend if I can get these random oddities fixed. 

    Again, after no commits, I reached out again on August 2nd and got the following response.


    I've been debugging this issue, along with an another for a couple days, that sees the Steam servers respond with a bad login about 40% of the time. I have what you're asking about fixed but it doesn't do any good if Steam won't validate a login consistently. 

    I'll evaluate where I am at the end of the weekend and see if I want to release a hotfix with only some of the bugs fixed. 

    September 16th, still no updates I yet again reached out and got yet another empty response.


    Apologies, I’ve had quite a bit of unexpected medical issues the last month, and neurosurgery scheduled for next week.

    This will get resolved as soon as I am able.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Now it's November 12th and still NO updates. I wouldn't mind if it was a small or simple bug, but this bug is affecting the main functionality of this plugin which is automation. Why did I buy this in the first place if I have to do everything manually anyways?! 6 months and no updates, I'd firmly recommend you avoid buying this until the developer commits to maintaining his work.

  3. This theme lives up to it's name with its bold colors, sharp edges and overall professional yet dramatically subtle appeal. Not to mention how easy it is to configure and modify to your choosing which makes this one of my favorite themes on the marketplace!

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