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  1. I have the same problem. But not new in 4.2, 4.1.x also.
  2. One more option for clubs would be great ... I am missing a closed club where everyone can see the club and who's in it, and not only members can see posts and participate, but also guests. Users need to ask a leader to join. So not really the open or closed club, but one more club. That would be great to attract professionals. You can see the club and the contributions, but only the leader can add new members (professionals).The entire forum community then benefits from this. The experts can exchange themselves undisturbed and the forum users can learn thereby by the contributions public.
  3. Hi, is there a way, that guests also can see Clubs und depending on permissions read topics and posts? This would be very helpful to promote the Clubs, so that people who are not member can especially decide to become a member, because of clubs. I have some great ideas to promote this feature. Mark
  4. -> 4.2 beta 8 I have created two designs that are copies of the default theme. For both designs (Default2grau and Default3grau) I made at the templates changes. Default2grau is frontend default (especially for guests and because of the adsense problem AJAX pagination, Default3grau members theme). What happens to these designs (templates)? Are the changes overwritten?
  5. Hi, I would like to replace a string directly in the database. So I am using this code in phpmyadmin: In the past, this code was absolutely no problem. Now, I'll always get an error message -> token mismatch Does somebody know what the problem is? Many thanks in advance!! Best wishes Mark
  6. I'll get this error message: SRF_FAIL I would like to put a FB connect button directly at the top of the main page ..
  7. The german translation appears for this variable: login_err_bad_password
  8. Hi @all, I notices that there is a problem with Google+ SignIn. If you follow these steps -> everything is fine, but at least you cannot SignIn, because there is a problem with the password. If you are prompted to enter a password ... you will get an error message. But the password for (for example) my google account is right. at the end, nobody can signin ...
  9. That's the problem: If the topic is locked, there is no guestCommentTeaser: It doesn't make sense, because for guests it is not important to see, if a topic ist locked or not. They all should see the guest comment field to register ...
  10. Hi, you have to set a design as the default. This creates the following problem: Default Guest Design -> (for example) Default1 More design for all members (except guests) -> (for example) Default2 Default 1 has disabled Ajax pagination (because of Adsense) Default 2 has enabled Ajax pagination When new members register, the design Default1 is automatically assigned. This does not make sense, because members should be able to use the Ajax pagination because Adsense for members is not switched. There is no option in the standard to except groups ?!? How to adjust / change this? Thanks in advance! mark
  11. Hi, I've noticed that the guestCommentTeaser is not displayed when a topic has been closed. This is not my point of view and I would like to change. What would you have to change so that the teaser is also displayed when the topics are closed? Many thanks in advance! (an sorry for my awful english) Mark
  12. Is there a chance for a plugin? It would be very helpful ... really
  13. The plugin doesn't work with ... ?!
    perfect plugin - very useful!
    Perfect plugin ! Thank you ... user love this.
  14. Thanks for your answer. So no way ... ? Hide entire posts is no option for me, just a note after a few lines.
  15. Hi, I would like to insert notes für guests in each first post of a topic after a specific number of characters. For example after 255 characters of the post. It would be great if somebody could help with the code, that I have to put in postContainer template (?) to realize that. Many thanks in advance! Mark
  16. It would be great !!! A lot of my members are searching for this option. Or is there a plugin right now? I didn't find one.
  17. This is very interesting: http://www.adsenseninja.com/why-i-dont-like-responsive-ad-units-tests-show-that-fixed-size-ads-perform-84-better-than-responsive/ But how can I use a custom php script to detect mobile phones in IPB?
  18. Everything the same. Lots of publisher have the same problem. There are many reports that you can find on the internet. Very strange, but responsive ads are really for most of the people very poor.
  19. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/adsense/ZAU7VGrtjvQ And that's my experience, too.
  20. There is a bug in RSS feed -> group permissions are ignored. If you have hidden rubrics for some member groups the rss feeds shows all topics. So you have to select every single rubric you wanna see or not in rss feed.
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