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  1. Zayed is a man of many skills. He has revolutionised our community with bespoke applications and services I cannot be more grateful for. I wish him all the very best and I will be using Zayed again and again! ๐Ÿ™‚ ++++
  2. Hello, I have looked everywhere with regards to the bot tab on discord portal to change the permissions but I canโ€™t seem to work it out. Could you share with me a little guide to fix this? Awesome work! Kind regards - Ash
  3. Keep getting this error when I click the magic invite link. So I figured I'd try and reconfigure the application but no luck there either. The widget has never worked for me either. Please let me know how I can fix this. @SoftwareFactory
  4. Done the trick but it looks awful lol.. Any idea how to remove the darker box and keep it single line?
  5. Ow can you show me how to do this in CSS?
  6. @SoftwareFactorydo you know how I can hide the "Login with Discord"? I want to remove this.
  7. Hello, I have configured the bot to sync roles and nicknames however my website seems to go very slow when it's syncing the forum roles to the discord server. Any ideas? Fixed.
  8. Any idea how to fix this little issue? Happens on the default theme to.
  9. This is a great idea! I am setting this up now!
  10. Fair enough, but what if they are making a custom application in the backend and need FTP access?
  11. Giving them full access to the backend?
  12. Hey guys just wanted to ask you all how you give access to any developer that needs access to the backend of your platform, we use IPB combined with a good backend system already, just wanted to seek other ideas.
  13. I have completed everything in the hook description however it isn't showing on my sign up page? https://i.imgur.com/IbYigYk.png
  14. Then it must be a problem with my forum, I am terribly sorry to report this here to you.
  15. When someone uses the invite code it never use to make 4 of the same accounts, I thought it was always making one account per one invite code? Maybe it's a glitch on my part. But the new update seems to have messed it up for me as it never use to do this. ๐Ÿ˜•
  16. It never use to happen, is there anything I can check to see why it's doing this?
  17. Whenever someone used the invite code sent to them via email, 4 of the same account is made?
  18. Hey how do I remove the invited by section within a users profile? http://prntscr.com/paqmk7
  19. I just want to be able to do mass batch invite codes as normal but then be able to easily copy and paste them so I can share them?
  20. No it's not going to be added? Little confused there buddy. Thanks.
  21. Regarding the batch invites, let's say I want 50 codes. I cannot easily copy and paste these Invites. Any ideas?
    I am sure it's just me, but I cannot seem to turn off "steem" and "steem dollars" otherwise fantastic application! Does what it says on the tin! Good work.
  22. Thank you for your help! If I encounter anything else I will let you know. Cheers!
  23. - How to generate a table via the Table helper (similar to the one in the ACP Members page). Trying to create one from scratch messes up on the responsive view. - Adding routes when developing plugins, specifically for the Account Settings page stuff. - Pagination + tables, how to take data from the DB and display it in a paginated table, or at the very least, paginated ul/ - How to handle Ajax request calls to certain routes, both in the frontend and backend code If my questions could be answered that would be a blessing as I am having some problems with these. Thank you in advance!
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