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  1. Hey guys I'm just wondering what you think is the best discord bot? Because I'm in the market for one. I ideally would like it to do the following: - Auto sync forum display name to discord server. - If a member is banned, = ban from the discord server., - Only allow members from the community to join and have full access to the Discord server. - Only allow a "VIP" usergroup from the forum that syncs to the "VIP" role on the discord server that correlates with there IP.Nexus subscription. (So I can let paying members view a different text channel) Look forward to hearing everyone's recommendations!
  2. Any idea how to fix this little issue? Happens on the default theme to.
  3. I have completed everything in the hook description however it isn't showing on my sign up page? https://i.imgur.com/IbYigYk.png
  4. Then it must be a problem with my forum, I am terribly sorry to report this here to you.
  5. When someone uses the invite code it never use to make 4 of the same accounts, I thought it was always making one account per one invite code? Maybe it's a glitch on my part. But the new update seems to have messed it up for me as it never use to do this. 😕
  6. It never use to happen, is there anything I can check to see why it's doing this?
  7. Whenever someone used the invite code sent to them via email, 4 of the same account is made?
  8. Hey how do I remove the invited by section within a users profile? http://prntscr.com/paqmk7
  9. I just want to be able to do mass batch invite codes as normal but then be able to easily copy and paste them so I can share them?
  10. No it's not going to be added? Little confused there buddy. Thanks.
  11. Regarding the batch invites, let's say I want 50 codes. I cannot easily copy and paste these Invites. Any ideas?
    I am sure it's just me, but I cannot seem to turn off "steem" and "steem dollars" otherwise fantastic application! Does what it says on the tin! Good work.
  12. Regardless of what icons I use the icons does not apply to all of the navigation links. http://prntscr.com/jk3iy0 http://prntscr.com/jk3j34
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