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    ~Jakso.` got a reaction from sobrenome in 4.5: Invites and Referrals   
    Good stuff, can't wait for 4.5 to be released
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    ~Jakso.` got a reaction from piotr1970 in New: Device Management   
    Now I'm just wondering how meny people tried go to url ips.dev
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    ~Jakso.` reacted to Charles in New: Content Message   
    Yes and yes
    Moderator privileges is where this feature gets its permission from but you can restrict those per group. Check out the Moderator permission setup in the AdminCP under the Members section.
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    ~Jakso.` got a reaction from Ryan Ashbrook in New: Recommended Replies   
    I love it!
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    ~Jakso.` got a reaction from Daniel F in Introducing our new Developers area   
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