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    I'm not sure what this fuss is all about, theme is okay, nothing exceptional. Good work axen.
  1. i just renewed my license, and i am still not permitted to download files from marketplace, why?

  2. maaaan, i wish you were here still... I will miss you with all my heart.. Rest in Peace Dawid...

  3. Good stuff, can't wait for 4.5 to be released
  4. Looks good, can't wait to do dark version of it
  5. Luke, I'm your father.

  6. oh, okay, sorry. btw., nice job with the theme, looks great!
  7. Another bug: You can't click announcement on the Sidebar.
  8. CTRL + F5 didn't do the trick, i'm using Firefox.
  9. You just don't understand, i can't fill those fields: I keep pressing LMB on them and nothing happens.
  10. still can't fill login and password field 😕
  11. User can't login to demo account on your demo site.
  12. No, i'm using only Edoba theme.
  13. Quick question, does this plugin work without problems on the newest version(4.3.6)?
  14. @Mike John firstly, hi, thanks for this upload. Just tested it, seems to be working fine on 3.4.6, but there is one thing that i need to know. Is there any chance to have instead of simple text without formatting, already formatted text? EDIT: Fixed it. Turned off content truncating. But still, i'm wondering if there is any chance to output formatted text, which is truncated.?
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