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  1. I saw that also on 4.1.6 a couple of days ago. We left chat also for the fix, got a server error on return but after a few tries all was ok.
  2. Actually I'l like to know how to create a specific button for the default Activity Stream. Thus it can be colored to my theme to draw attention to it.
  3. In the Admin there is button to select my choice of default stream which shows on the upper right of every page. Where in the Activity Stream choices is there the member option for selecting their preferred default stream?
  4. Hi Newbie, Is there a way to make the Recent Topics / Reply bar more obvious to click one or the other as a button option? Thanks
  5. Can't you just create a menu item (members) with a link to this url on your site and have a direct link to the page?
  6. @Afternova What might be the code changes needed to have a different tiny icon next to each subforum in your example above? Thanks.
  7. Is it possible to add back the page numbers under "All Activity", at the top and bottom of the page, as it was in "View New Content" ? I find myself wanting to see the content back a few pages if I haven't been on site for a couple of days, thus it eliminates the need to start at page 1 scroll down and click and click to see older pages, and then start over if I happen to click "All Activity".
  8. Any chance this person who is making this custom block per forum plugin will make it available in the Marketplace for others to purchase?
  9. Yes, For me Guest view is acceptable. I'd like to be able to choose which Forums RSS feeds are selected and combined to create a Site feed that is used to stream topics to facebook and twitter. This is currently present in 3.4.8. For example my site is a hockey website, thus I'd like to combine into one topic feed my NHL team forums along with other general hockey forums and not include other sports forums or off topic forums that are also present on the website. Ideally it would be great to be able to select and include the blog RSS and an article RSS feed to the selected forum RSS feeds.
  10. Is there any way to have two Navbars one at the normal position and also one at the top?
  11. Thanks, Since I run a hockey forum I have members who login via bookmark to specific team forums. By having the newest Topics / Posts on each Team Forum page it increases the number of page visits as a hot topic about another team or general forum may interest the member for additional conversation.
  12. Hello newbie, I haven't updated to 4.0 yet as this hook is one I currently use on 3.8. Will the one for 4.0 be available for each Forum page as well as the index page? Before moving to 4.0 I'm hoping that I can set up each forum page as we did before with with Replies / Posts above the RSS sidebar widget ( unique RSS feed for each forum page.
  13. Yes, I use a selected group of forums in my site, chosen in the Admin, to build a RSS export feed which feeds my site twitter and facebook accounts of new topics.
  14. OK, I'm close. I updated "Arizona" and the icon. However when I went to change streak to L-10 it didn't show up in the tables. I think I mis- stated what I wanted to change. I want to only change the Heading "STR" that is visible for each of the tables to " L-10". I tried changing STR to L-10 in the language pack as well, but it didn't work.
  15. I think the Flyers may have a rough year. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert at this stuff, where do run the query? And where do I edit the language string. Thanks
  16. Hello, I wanted to know where/ how I can change the Team name "Pheonix" Coyotes to "Arizona" Coyotes in the NHL standings. Also I wanted to change the header in all of the Divisions from "Streak" to "L-10"
  17. Yes Hook is configured. After adding video to a topic, Hook appears, but videos didn't embed in sidebar. Also the Recent Video Title bar is extra wide.
  18. Hello Newbie, I'm having trouble with the hook showing up on the index page. (I probably have too many other hooks) I set it to display under the recent blogs posts as I see all the controls in systems settings/ hooks. I also - Rebuild Master Skin Data - Recache Skin Sets ... and I still don't see the recent video post block on the index sidebar http://www.hockeyforums.net/
  19. I purchased the Featured content slider. I uploaded the contents, but I'm not sure where or how I enable this instruction? *** Require the /fcontent/thumbs/uploads/ be made writeable After installing the app and attempting set up in a horizontal fashion across my index board with choosing manual topic titles I get this.
  20. Ok, Thanks. I think I can make that work.
  21. Hello, Will this slider get content from featured blogs? Or can content from Blogs be captioned with this slider?
  22. HockeyForums.net

  23. I uninstalled the hook, then re-installed it. I'm now getting the same "incorrect_use" popup others have stated above. Has anyone found a fix for this?
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