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  1. I did that with the code I provided above also which gave me the dark embed. What you gave me also does the same continuous twitter feed that I can't size or select the number of tweets to show. If I use the social feed for twitter, I can select the # of tweets to show, but I only have the option of the white background and they still show large as above.
  2. Hello Taman I am using the new Footer App vs the plugin. How do I choose a dark embed of a twitter feed, and how can I resize it as it's block is too large? I also tried to use my twitter feed html for the dark background as a custom block but I can't only select 1 with this code. Can you solve either option? <a class="twitter-timeline" data-theme="dark" href="https://twitter.com/HockeyForumsNET?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">Tweets by HockeyForumsNET</a> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  3. Any possibility of this App returning compatible for 4.3 ?
  4. In response to a chat tab in clubs I think is an great Idea. We currently use a topic to chat on anything and everything with regards to our season in fantasy hockey, but I think an option like this would be great especially on mobile.
  5. I've added this CDK editor addon to resize images, it works well. https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/imageresize
  6. Sorry, a lot of members on my site call topics threads. I only have one member that has brought this to my attention.
  7. Hello @TAMAN I've had a member point out to me that threads will lock up while using ipad. I solved it by disabling the ticker for tablets and mobile. When you get a chance maybe take a closer look at what might be the issue. Thanks.
  8. @wmarcy Does this plugin still work in 4.2 as it hasn't been updated in a couple of years?
  9. I see the same from gallery images also.
  10. I'd like to have Open clubs for my site members, yet have a setting to be closed ( non-viewable) to guests. Currently that option isn't available. Most of the forums I'd like to turn to clubs are generally OT to the main forum set where guests are not able to view.
  11. I'd like to be able to have permissions settings for Clubs as they are for forums Have an Open Club for members within my site, but be closed to guests.
  12. OH WOW! - I had no Idea. That is awesome. And yes, you do need to do a better job showing off your talents as I didn't really understand magic block. Non-coders like me need examples to copy from.
  13. I started using CJ menus back with the Pro-Menu and frankly CJ's Menus have surpassed anything given in the standard IPS format. Technically some of the extras that CJ Menu does is probably greater than I understand, but they have always done what I'd like them to do. I'd like to see more examples of what different sites have done with CJ's menus. Some of the things I like best: Horizontal Child menus - I love the ability to post 50-80 forums in one dropdown menu. Use of Font-awesome icons Use of custom icons To Hover, Slide, Fade -- great options as they all work so smooth. Having the menu -bar in a single line docking feature Enjoy both the Header and Primary Menu I think https://www.nhl.com/ has a menu of what I'd like CJ menu's to do in the future with being able to add full images in the menu.
  14. @Mike John Thanks so much for your help. I now have this plugin working to my desires. I also was able to remove the logo from topic view, only having it showing in Forum View. If you don't have a solution for putting the logo before the Forum Title and or / Topic Title that is ok for my needs, the example below still looks great. I think having both the first post author avatar and forum logo wouldn't look quite so good next to each other unless in topic view the forum logo might replace the topic author's avatar. I think two important additions for 4.2 will be the choice to select (to show or not show) the logo on the Main Forum Index and a choice to show or not show on a topic page. Here is an example of your plugin.
  15. This worked great! Thank you for your help and solutions.
  16. Thank you, I really appreciate your help. I have cloud hosting, do I put that query in CSS?
  17. Thanks @Adriano Faria I'll give it a try once I upgrade to 4.2. I'm still waiting for a few apps and plugins to be updated before I move my site forward. Will the plugin reverse any members' messengers that are currently disabled? Or only prevent ones in the future?
  18. Anyone have a suggestion for this? As an admin how can I enable a members PM Messenger once they've disabled it? thanks,
  19. Can you send me a PM with an edit to not have the logo show on the forum index, but only show on forum and topic view? Also, will there be way to choose the image to show before the Forum name in the next release? Will this be upgraded to 4.2?
  20. Thanks, looks like 4.6.2 was released in 4.1.18 and no news yet if 4.7.1 is being released in 4.2.
  21. Where can I find what version of CKeditor IPS is currently using with and 4.2 to install the correct CKeditor plugin version?
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