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  1. I see. Clubs does have a best answer where it highlights the post. It does not however have the features that I really like in your app, such as Notification that a post was selected as best answer, a pm or email. There is also no Tag as "Best Answer" just a checkmark. It does not have a widget of best answers either. These were all reasons why I purchased the app. I already use club enhancements and it is a great app.
  2. hmm. So Best Answer doesn't work on a Question and Answer forum? Is this something that can be added? I also didn't see where you specifically enable clubs in settings. I do see where to exclude clubs and forums.
  3. Hi Adriano, I purchased this application yesterday and it is not working for me on clubs. Please check when you have time. Thank you. https://www.hockeyforums.net/forum/182-nhl-game-matchups/
  4. Hello @newbie LAC Will this app be updated in the Marketplace for version 4.3 anytime soon? thanks as I wanted to purchase it
  5. I can't speak for others. There still a few weeks until hockey starts. I'm not sure how easy it would be to add points for a correct score match along with choosing the right team. Or an option for a points spread for each match. I'm currently planning on doing this manually this year within clubs in a question and answer format, but anytime you can make available an app I'd probably make the switch. thanks!
  6. Hello, I believe there is still interest for a simple Pick'ems.
  7. Hi @Fosters I have a question. Will this work for the Club Forums? I'm thinking of using this app as a reward system for a "Pick'em" Prediction of Daily NHL matchups using the Club format with daily Best Answers.
  8. @RLPVT I'm considering creating a club for Pick'em with Daily NHL Matchups using the Question-Answer format. With Club Enhancements, I can create a home page with an inserted Google Docs Scoresheet. I can create my own Pick'em Leaderboard on a sidebar using Advanced Custom Widget or the WYSIWYG Block. Granted creating daily topics and scoring is manual, but it may be an option vs using some other outside source until maybe one-day someone may create this plugin again. I haven't tried this yet but maybe I can link a leaderboard somehow to an awards setup using iAwards or Tropy's and Medals? Also, since I use the the Menu Groups Manager I can display Pick'em in the Menu with a direct link to the Club page for more visibility. - anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts for a work-around. This is probably a lot easier for football over hockey as there are less games.
  9. InsideEdge

    Forum Cover

    Thank you very much!
  10. The Application Babble will do that.
  11. I understand and I Agree, I asked similar questions as you when I first started with it. and there probably is a way to fix the menu shift I just haven't taken the time to figure it out or ask for help. And thank you, the site is a hobby for me and you are welcomed to join in our conversation.
  12. @Peter L McCormick I've used @CodingJungle menu managers for quite some time starting with promenu to cjmenu and now MGM, and I'm not an expert, but I managed to create a menu to fit my needs and desires. I'm sure there are more cool things I can do with it than what I've customized thus far. Check it out at hockeyforums.net if you wish.
  13. Can you send a specific image of topics per forum or is it one image for all topics independent of the forum it is posting from?
  14. A return of the Pick-em App would be a nice addition too.
  15. InsideEdge

    Forum Cover

    First of all, I've been waiting for a couple of years to customize my team forums like this. Thank you! I added an image this morning and noticed that the image I've added isn't scaling proportionately for mobile use, as the image sticks far outside the mobile page.
  16. Thank you, I'll inform @CodingJungle of the issue too.
  17. https://www.hockeyforums.net/ my bad
  18. Hello @TAMAN I was wondering if you can help solve my hidden search expanded dropbox CSS issue with News Ticker. I am currently also using the Menu Groups Manager. If I disable the News Ticker I see the expanded search box properly, but with it enabled I see it hidden behind the News Ticker and Sidebar. Thanks.
  19. I don't know why it wouldn't work. It works for Docs and Spreadsheets. You could ask the author, but it is a free plugin so no loss if it doesn't work.
  20. thanks again for your help, the data-height="200" doesn't work and I'm not seeing a scroll effect. Maybe I can just try using a latest topics list instead.
  21. Thanks, That helps, but the feed height is still much too for the row. there is much too much extra space. Or is there a way to have the feed show as it did in the plugin version with basically just the twitter icon text and a link?
  22. BTW, I'm still on 4.2. I was just getting a few apps ready before I upgrade to 4.3.3
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