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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot login to the site as well as to the admin panel. Even though I entered my information, it meets with this error.
  2. Hello. I am constantly encountering a problem with the forum and I am bothering you. This time I did not understand the error that occurred. I added a .htaccess to fix the https problem and it worked without any problems. Then 5-6 minutes later it gives this error when logging in to the site and I could not fix it. I installed the .htaccess old one, but unfortunately nothing has changed.
  3. I solved the problem with the JS console. I saw that the error was not due to translation or emojis. The editor is corrupted and when I installed the old one, the problem was fixed. Thank you for your time and help.
  4. It looks like this when opening a new topic.
  5. I deleted the emojis on the reputation page. With it I translate some words. I mentioned above. I refreshed the pages, opened a new membership, but it didn't matter.
  6. My main problem is; This is the message editor I come across when trying to write a message. I can not do anything and open threads.
  7. Hello. While I was dealing with the forum, the post writing area has become this and I couldn't figure it out. I wonder if anyone knows the solution?
  8. Thank you very much for your information and suggestions. You helped.
  9. Hello. I am thinking of changing the admin path due to security measures, but I could not succeed. Can you help with this?
  10. Hi. I want change highlight post background color. Help me please. My forum ss: I want to this: Thanks.
  11. We have problem about URLs. When we click a link, it redirects to the main page. All links redirects main page.
  12. After update, we can't see any images in files forum. Also all links redirect to home page. What can you do about these subjects?
  13. Hi, I'm user of the original IP Board but I have two big problems. The first problem is that, I cant <b> code the original glare skin in the forums. The second problem is that, We have made a new posbit but suddenly, extend transversely of the postbit.. We are waiting for your help. Thanks.
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