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  1. Hi, In the app settings-> Group-> group name-> other settings It has the option for a group picture. Under the input box it says, "Picture must be placed in your public/style/style_images folder. Write as picture_name.file_extension ." So I upload all of default images that came with the app to "website.com/public/style/style_images" and put default.jpg in the input box. But on the user interface, the group image appears as a broken image like this broke.jpg My sites directory didn't originally have a style folder in the public folder so I added that in. I also tried putting it in "website.com/public/style_images" which is where I put most things but it still didn't work. I also tried putting "website.com/public/style_images/default.jpg" and "website.com/public/style/style_images/default.jpg" in the input box but it still doesn't work.
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