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  1. Hi @Edward Shephard Same:\ what can I do?
  2. @edwalkergyo You mean it suppose to be like this? Becuase it doesn't work as well...
  3. So guys I got confiuse why do I have move this folder?
  4. Becuase my website cotnains several websityes.. So what do suggest ? move mobiquo folder to be under public_html ?
  5. my URL is sub domain forum.pelegit.co.il I uploaded the thier folder under "Forum" folder
  6. HI In past I remember that there was possbility to see who online with user's picture and not "nickname" how can I do that?
  7. Hi I did this steps: https://tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php here is the location of the "mobiquo" folder: Here is the data in plug: and it still does not work properly alwaus getting error: We are not able to verify the status of the Tapatalk plugin on your site via (http://forum.pelegit.co.il/mobiquo/mobiquo.php). Pls. ensure the forum URL, extenstion and mobiquo directory provided are correct and valid. or: We're not able to detect the Tapatalk Plugin working correctly in your site. Try reinstalling Tapatalk Plugin, check the file permission and make sure it is installed correctly. Of course gave to all files 755 permission. tapatalk not realy knows what is the problem someone can assist please?
  8. hahahah @EmpireKickAss Hello you too
  9. Hi , I would like to know if is there any way to export all tags that there are on my forum ?
  10. Hi , I would like to know if is there any way to export all tags that there are on my forum ?
  11. OMG my mistake , sorry 'forgive me : ( ?
  12. @AndyF This toturial if gor version 3.4 :-p I HAVE THE NEWEST VERSION :\
  13. @AndyF I dont found this option " RSS Management " how can i increase the export RSS feed ? as i understand from you always the export will 10 or 20 ?
  14. I dont find the " RSS Management " are you sure it is exist there ?
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