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  1. I'm not really concerned as long as we get topics like https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/421364-ips-for-the-next-few-months
  2. I'm really sorry for the delay, I was on vacation and hadn't time to upgrade this for 4.1 yet.
  3. You could use \IPS\Log \IPS\Log::i( LOG_DEBUG )->write( "My debug message", 'filename' );
  4. Have you uninstalled recently any application? I have released a new version to prevent that this error is shown.
  5. The bugreport shows that it is fixed, which means that it will work with the next IPS 4.1 beta
  6. Sorry, i missed your replies. Do you see any bookmarks related errors in your error log?
  7. The bug was finally identified
  8. It happens only if you don't have commerce installed, but i wasn't able to fix it yet. I'm waiting for a reply of a ips dev. If i'm not able to fix it, i'll split this application into 2 releases, one for people without commerce and one for people with commerce.
  9. Yes:) I'll set up a demo where you'll be able to test the notification feature:)
  10. I can't reproduce this. Do you see any errors in the JS console? Could i probably take a look at this?
  11. Version 1.2.0 released New Widgets: Share Page Bought Products
  12. I like this idea. It's something for my https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7705-additional-widgets-and-dashboard-blocks/ application
  13. 1.2.0 Teaser: thanks to @Ocean West and @Storyteller for the suggestions
  14. You can do this already with the application permissions! If you disallow the application to the inactive or regular members, only the vips will be able to use it.
  15. 2) What permissions would you need? ATM there's nothing what you could control! Once the profile tab was implemented, i'll implement this as a permission and then i'll also create a "can use" permission, but ATM there's really nothing, what you could control, what you can't control with the application permission?! 3) This was already suggested and accepted
  16. This application doesn't have any settings and permissions. You can allow/disallow the usage of this feature with the application permissions ( ACP => System => Applications => Bookmarks )
  17. I like the idea. I hope it's ok that i borrowed it and just added it as new widget to the next version of https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7705-additional-widgets-and-dashboard-blocks/
  18. I miss this too, so i had to create it myself https://community.invisionpower.com/contributors/files/7666-bookmarks/
  19. i replied to your PM And I'll provide public instructions next week
  20. My application will allow you to send pms and notifications
  21. Version 1.1.0 released Refactored the shop widgets code New Widget: Top Selling Products New Dashboard Item: Not installed applications
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