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  1. The IPS has built-in tabs, such as the best authors. How to make tabs with other information? For example with the latest reports from the different sections? Or somehow HTML / PHP code? What is the principle standard tabs work?
  2. It is not an option because many participants in the conference, and a lot of messages. And there are a lot of conferences. Some users mistakenly go out and get them back into the same conference can not?
  3. Personal message after exiting the conversation can not be returned back to the user. When prompted, the user back to the correspondence, nothing happens.
  4. One more question. Tell me please, is intended to support online broadcasts with Twitch, hitbox and other services? To mark was Live or offline + chat built from the service when he online
  5. Tell me please, soon to be updated? Our video is one of the main components and a very bad without bliss
  6. Hello After upgrading to 4.1, while the video applications do not work tape activity, displays a 500 error
  7. Hello. Prompt please, what that setting might not notice. I put a limit on the width of the media in a forum post, as full-screen video, hinder reading. And this limitation raspostranen on video in an application. Now they're little. Is it possible to remove this restriction only for the application?
  8. Many thanks. Everything is working
  9. The main. Side blocks for messages, I used the standard of IPS. And in the central block of the portal displays all messages and see them all, regardless of access rights.
  10. Hello. Now we have obtained so that the news can see everything, even those that are not available on the Rights on the main display. You can fix this? Did not find the option in the configurations are those inherit rights
  11. URL is correct. Otherwise, would likely and other problems. Prior to that, he worked at the site 3.4.8 and no complaints were not in work. All background tasks have been completed. Rebuild Messages done 2 times. After installation and again after changing the image (they are too large). After the first кebuild, we corrected the links manually, in the most important places, but after a second, again links broken.
  12. After you upgrade to broke all internal links. Example: The problem concerns only internal links. Please tell me whether you can fix them? Correct manually is very difficult, because so many links
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