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    Great application to increase engagement!
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    Before you decide whether or not to invest in this application, I suggest that you look very carefully at the support topic right from the beginning and understand the patterns of problems which occurred and the quality of the support which has been provided over a period of 18 months since the application was first introduced into the marketplace.
    it seems to have got quite good ratings so it probably works for some people – but it never worked for us – right from the beginning.

    We were refused a refund
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    SF_Ronin reacted to Brainy S. in Unrestricted Bulk Mail   
    I definitely love this plugin. Thanks to @Adriano Faria for fixing the bugs within 24-hours of reporting them.
    It works perfectly now on 4.3.4 It's dumb that IPS blocks mass-emails regardless based on a member's opt-in status. FOR EXAMPLE: I needed this to send out an account security message to EVERYONE who registered within a certain date, regardless if they wanted to receive the site newsletter or not. IPS does NOT let you do this. That is allowed under the law, so IPS trying to nanny their customers to prevent them from 'spamming' is ridiculous.
    Fortunately, this plugin provides this vital functionality for communicating with my users. Thanks! 
    Feature Suggestions:
    These are just some ideas I have, but I would really love the first idea...
    + A 3rd choice for emailing ONLY those who are not opted in.
    + To be able to toggle off the built-in greeting that you cannot change. (HI {member_name},)
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    SF_Ronin got a reaction from onlyME in Advanced Topic Feed   
    Overall a great tool. I would love the option to filter "all" and only "unread topics."
    Topics feature in clubs is very cool.
    My only complaint is that photos and other content don't automatically re-size to fit the feed on mobile devices (iPhone). Currently works best with "Rich Content" turned off in the settings.
    @onlyME messaged me and found the plugin conflict same day. Fixed the issue on my site and is going to put fix into next update. Awesome support!
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