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  1. Hi Adriano, Great addon, could I just ask if it is possible to either ignore complete categories with one click, or alternatively could I automatically set all forums to be ignored apart from the ones I need everybody to see, for new members and they can then select the forums they wish to participate in? Thanks in advance.
  2. thanks for the info, I wasn't aware, too late now I guess but I know for the future. Yes I realised that when I tried to add another forum area it added itself to the club menu, personally I would prefer the traditional hierarchy you referred to, or if I was being super greedy, the choice
  3. Great addition, I have installed on a test forum (Spare license) to have a play around with. One thing I have noticed, is there any way to enable or could their be in the future a way of adding sub forums to a 'club' forum? could be a cool addition for a lot of niches
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