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    Adam84 reacted to Colonel_mortis in Send email notifications only when offline   
    It would be great if there was a user option to only receive email notifications when they're offline, or to get a summary email of the notifications that they've missed if they don't visit the site for some period of time (as Stack Overflow does).
    There's no point getting email notifications when you're actively browsing the site, but equally if you're only an infrequent visitor you don't want to miss any replies to things that you're interested in or that you posted, and something like this would strike that balance (while also helping to boost retention in a user-friendly way).
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    Adam84 reacted to xert77 in PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff   
    I just feel like every other IPB product works so freaking well, and they are all fairly easy to deal with both front & back end. Then you get to pages & it's a complete mess, it feels like having to code a whole website from scratch... Lets face it, you have to code the template you want, code how you want fields to display... You may as well code the whole thing.... Why need pages.
    If Pages was made more like Wordpress, Joomla etc... It would make IPB perfect.
    What annoys me more is that every question I ask in support about pages is replied with... This requires custom code so I can't assist. You will need to ask on the forums. I then come on the forums and I see tons of Pages threads with 0 replies, people asking for help yet no one can.
    Please IPB, just look at pages & make it easier. We aren't all code genius's. Plus if it's so easy, why can't you provide some tutorials or walkthroughs? It can't be hard to provide some templates right, or do you guys struggle to use it too...
    Every other thing you do is amazing. It's just when it comes to pages, no one cares that noobs are struggling. I know that we could use Joomla or Wordpress, but why when we have something created by you guys thats intregated with the forums.
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    Adam84 reacted to xert77 in PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff   
    Before I complain, I want to start off with a nice note. Since joining IPB my users have loved the website, commented on how nice it works compared to VB & I have loved your support. When ever I have a bug or problem you guys usually reply pretty fast, sometimes during the night!
    But here is where I am confused, angry & very, seriously sad.
    I love IPB. I think it is one of the most solid products in the market, I think it is also the most professional both company wise (how you guys release things when it's ready & not before) and also product wise, it's very professional.
    For over a year now, I have STRUGGLED to get to grips with pages. I look at the documentation & it's longer than the bible & not very user friendly at all!
    For over a year now I have messaged support asking how to do things in pages & they say I have to come to the forums as it requires custom code! For simple things like adding the article image in the listing page!
    For over a year now I have Tried pages, given up... Tried again, given up. There is so much potential in pages - I have seen it on professional website (websites with coders & budget!) but people like me CANT use it.
    Why.... WHY can't IPB make pages easier. Why can't there be a wizard or Pre made templates!
    Front page templates... Do you wanna display articles like a blog (photo to the side with description beside), or like a polariod (image with description below), or like a grid. 1 main article & then smaller articles below etc. Joomla asks you things like... Display title, date, time, author. Main article: 0-10, Secondary Articles 0-10. Its so easy!
    Listing pages... Do you want to display the first image in the article, do you want to display article rating, do you want to display article sorting bar.
    Article pages... Have a page builder, similar to what you do with blocks. Where you can create fields on a preview page & move them around/edit them. Currently if I want an image uploaded in an article and displayed to the right of the content, I have to custom format it, look up HTML guides on Google etc.
    I just wish IPB could make pages & frontpage more like Joomla. Joomla frontpage is so easy. Then also keep the difficult custom options for people who are more pro & who know what they are doing.
    I am so annoyed by the fact I can't easilly create a beautiful looking frontpage & article area, that I am considering going back to another software. Your forum software is so easy to use, but pages is rocket science.
    Support won't help me, I have seen users here struggle to create things even when working together and helping eachother, and the only other option is to pay someone tons of money... Please consider making pages easier for noobs. PLEASE
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    Adam84 reacted to desti in Fix "share by email" feature   
    Your apology will not return the lost money and time.
    Tell me better what will change in customer notification policy (consider, i may not open ACP for weeks). 
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    Adam84 reacted to NZyan in Fix "share by email" feature   
    Two of my forums were abused by this security hole.
    Since Tuesday (March 17th) 
    a spammer has sent out about 1.4 million spam mails (1,400,000) which results in a direct loss of about 800$ and counting (payment to Sendgrid) and a damaged sender reputation for my forum Now I realize that
    you are aware of this problem for weeks you have a patch ready since Tuesday and you didn't tell your paying customers a word We need to talk. I am not amused.
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    Adam84 reacted to Jan Krohn in Fix "share by email" feature   
    I don't really care whether it was done by a guest, or a forum member, or a hacked forum member. The system should neither allow replacing the share message with a random message, nor tolerate sending of hundreds of identical messages per minute. This is very simple common sense.
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    Adam84 reacted to Jan Krohn in Fix "share by email" feature   
    This morning I woke up to find that tens of thousands of spam emails were sent through the "share by email" feature.
    The support's brilliant suggestion was to disabling that feature.
    So instead of taking the responsibility to fix or remove a easily abusible feature, it's the customer's responsibility to disable it.
    If the content that is to be shared can be removed and replaced by a spam message, then the feature is clearly broken. If this happens tens of thousands of times, and the system doesn't catch that, then the system is broken too.
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    Adam84 reacted to SammyS in Introducing ForumMob! - White label mobile apps for IPB   
    Me and some other showed interest in this more than a year ago and we were never in touch with you. In my personal case, Ill run a business forum, not a hobby one
    Anyway, your lack of communication and failures to deliver your own deadlines tells a lot about all this business
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    Adam84 reacted to Michael.J in Calendar Topics Support   
    This is not something I can include in a bug fixing update but I've saved this for a future update. Displaying the topic data inside the event page is one possibility but I'll also be considering some kind of sync between them as well. So for example comments added into an event would appear in the topic and the reverse of that as well.
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    Adam84 reacted to jpointer2_merged in IPB has slipped   
    I've had a great experience the past 12 years with IPB until v4 then there has been a noticeable slip,
    I understand new major releases take time and I feel now at v4.1.1.0, is enough time to of ironed out all the issues.
    But it seems every update I do, I encounter problems, it's frustrating for me and more so my members to the point they are "exhausted" of the site not working correctly.
    I submit tickets, some get resolved quickly, others I feel slightly brushed away with a standard reply. Not the quality it was before.
    You've done a great job but I almost feel everything is rushed lately, then you are tripping over yourselves trying to fix it and causing more problems on the way.
    Are you understaffed? Have key experts and managers left? What's the deal here, I hope it improves.
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    Adam84 got a reaction from Dundurs in Gallery: Default sort order by filename   
    my users are missing the option, that their uploads to the Gallery / Albums are sorted by filename..
    DCIM_0001.jpg DCIM_0002.jpg DCIM_0003.jpg and so on..
    actually there are only these Options available:

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    Adam84 got a reaction from media in Gallery: Notes - small suggestion   
    It is possible to add notes to images, my suggestion is to add the ability to link to profiles / mark users.. like in Facebook.
    @Username is not working..

    PS: Where´s the option hidden to allow user groups to use this notes? :-)
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    Adam84 got a reaction from Joel R in Gallery: Notes - small suggestion   
    It is possible to add notes to images, my suggestion is to add the ability to link to profiles / mark users.. like in Facebook.
    @Username is not working..

    PS: Where´s the option hidden to allow user groups to use this notes? :-)
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    Adam84 reacted to svit in Copy Calendar Event   
    I have been inserting several calendar events with identical body, location, image, timing (not dates) today and to my surprise (unless I have overlooked something) I was unable to copy/clone one of the existing events to create a new one. 
    Is it not something most of us would find useful from time to time?
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    Adam84 reacted to Ibragim Pupkevich in Collections Support Topic   
    Hi Mike,
    Tried to run Collections on 4.1. Everything works fine, just found missing lang bits in ModCP:

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    Adam84 got a reaction from Hitori Bocchi in Gallery / New Content Feed: consolidate new pictures / uploads   
    Would be great if the activity of new Pictures to Albums were consolidated..
    now it is so:

    would be great if there would be:
    username uploaded X Pictures to Album X
    X Pictures
    from Username X minutes ago in Album name
    when my users upload dozens of Pictures to their galleries it isn´t overseeable in the "New Content" Feed
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    Adam84 got a reaction from svit in Gallery: Default sort order by filename   
    my users are missing the option, that their uploads to the Gallery / Albums are sorted by filename..
    DCIM_0001.jpg DCIM_0002.jpg DCIM_0003.jpg and so on..
    actually there are only these Options available:

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    Adam84 reacted to TheSonic in Update 3.4.7 => 4.0 RC4, bug accents and special characters :(   
    We had the same Problem with some installations in german. We have a script on file, that corrects the issue:
    This will ONLY work with german special chars, but you're free to edit the script for your own needs, as it just works like "Search and Replace"
    I will attach it here, search the section that REPLACE ä,ü,ö and change it to your needs.

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    Adam84 reacted to Aussie Cable in IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   
    Ok, so I have been thinking about the things I would like to see in IPB Suite 4.0.

    I wanted to see some other great idea's that people want to see implemented in 4.0, anyway, here is my list:

    1. Better quoting system (quote selected text ability, single line between quote and cursor in editor)
    2. Better emoticon system, where you can bulk add, and organise further into folders
    3. Drag and drop images/attachments to the editor (fast reply and full editor)
    4. Removal of the profile feed (do we really care what people are thinking?)
    5. Automatic Gallery album creation when adding/drag/drop image to editor
    6. Light/er on images (and/or heavily optimized - see #8)
    7. Profile privacy (for those members who do not want any personal information available to members)
    8. Better optimized images/.js/.css (have seen some really nice results from Smush.it)
    9. Simplify adding of images/attachments/files (for all of IP.Board/Gallery/IP.Downloads/Blog - right now, too many clicks)
    10. More standard login methods (Google etc)
    11. Softer ACP colours
    12. Notes section
    13. Make administrator posts uneditable by moderators (even if they have ACP access)
    14. Administrator everything ACP/profile make uneditable by moderators.

    I reserve the right to add to this list as time goes on :thumbsup:

    I would really like to hear about what you would like to see in IPB Suite 4.0 (and why).

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    Adam84 reacted to wingman23 in profile privacy in IPB 4   
    Just wondering if there is any chance of this being implemented. I know we knocked this subject about ages ago but still think its important to address in the light of this modernization of the software.

    Its all about giving members a choice, even a simple one, (do i want non friends to be able to see my profile page).

    Even the " its good to share everything, privacy sucks" facebook, allows this option..

    Any hope at all for this very important feature being built in this time :thumbsup:
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