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  1. Charles is it just a consolidation of previous patches or is there anything new in it?
  2. You could always modify the banned members signature with the ban reason. I know of at least one site that does this.
  3. The chat pricing really isn't that bad. Not to mention that whereas self hosting would be fine for small to medium sites, but imagine it on a large site, with thousands of users, at any given time you could have hundreds of users connecting to it at the same time. Server load, much?
  4. Are you creating a community for humans or robots?
  5. Lindy, regarding the questions. wouldn't it be simpler to have open text fields rather than preset questions? that way people can choose their own unique Q/A
  6. Good good, would be nice if it had a dark and light layout like maxx 2012.
  7. Oh the irony of searching for IPS copyright and the fourth result turns out to be an illegal site :lol:
  8. Mark, do you know if this is going to be upgraded to 4.0?
  9. This may be true for you and your site and possibly several others, but it's not true for everyone. IMO it should be a hook not something that's built in, let the devs work on more important tasks.
  10. I think restricting the avatar would be a little, you could wind up with hundreds of people either with the section completely blanked out or showing the stock avatar, depending on how it's implemented. Personally I think that's just going to look a little silly. Custom fields and contact info would be as far as I would go. Just my 2 pence.
  11. Failed login attempts I can agree with and even logins to to root admin account. But where it concerns other staff members, eg a secondary admin is where I have a slight issue, after all you have promoted these people on the basis that you trust them to take care of site issues for you.
  12. Big Boards is horribly outdated and barely updated so I don't think that's relevant. Bethesda: http://forums.bethsoft.com/ - 3.8 million posts Neowin: http://www.neowin.net/forum/ - 10 million posts Other forums of interest Evernote: http://discussion.evernote.com/ Baltimore Ravens: http://boards.baltimoreravens.com/ I'll let others fill in the rest. Never new, Bethsoft was powered by IPB :lol: That Skin is sweet!
  13. For what purpose? To spy on staff members?
  14. Good because I'm buying it :lol:
  15. Isn't there an option to limit nested quotes?
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