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  1. Link does not work. Could you reupload it please?
  2. Hello. I purchased the hook, i downloaded it and when i tried to unrar it, i received the following message: Could you reupload the hook please? It seems that its size is only 243 bytes...
  3. Very nice mod, i purchased it! There is any way to change the displayed color and the size of the words "Pinned Topics" and "Other Topics"?
  4. Hi Andy. I found the solution, the problem was that the uploaded images had .gif as extension and the code has .png , so we changed gif to png and i have to say thanks to newbie LAC for this.
  5. O.k. i will send you by p.m. your login details.
  6. Hi newbie LAC. The images are uploaded to my server, there are not any urls to copy-paste. And all my skins are recached-rebuilded. Yes, you 're right about guests in my forum, if you want to get registered and help me, i will appreciate this.
  7. ​Hello Andy and all members. I did exactly as you told us but unfortunately the flags are not displayed correctly: Any help will be much appreciated.
    It seems extremely useful. Thank you. If there something like this for ipb 3.4.7? Could i use this with the version 3.4.7?
  8. Hello Mark. I purchased the war advanced skin, it's beautiful i think, but i have a little issue with it: When i click my username in the top right corner, the options are too bright, so i cannot see and select them. You can see below: Could you fix this please? Thank you in advance.
  9. The last version of ipb is here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> But i'm not sure if the above shown hook is compatible with this version. No my friend, it's easy enough to add this hook: Just upload the contents of the file to your host and before do this better to see the "readme". Good luck! :smile:
  10. Nice work! :thumbsup: :smile: Could you add badges for HD Team, Games Team and News Team to the next update please? :)
  11. There is one hook, with which you can upload images to your server: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  12. Thank you, i did for all as you told me, but i dont see any "core" app... The other are all changed as you told me, but i see the same problem... I 'll send you by pm my ACP login details...if you want help me more, i would be grateful...
  13. I changed the values you told me, but the problem persists: '> '> '> Is there something specific i have to write inside these fields or i have to do something more?
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