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    SammyS reacted to Andy Millne in Connections (Support Topic)   
    I am planning to update this for 4.5 but I'm not sure when exactly it will be available unfortunately. 
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    SammyS got a reaction from Silnei L Andrade in Connections (Support Topic)   
    Hope this not to be abandoned. Lot of potencial here
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    SammyS reacted to FabioPaz in UI experience : greatly reduce navigation on the site   
    75% of sessions on my forum are from non serious users.
    Damn kids with those new things called smartphones, right?
    Reading text using a small screen?? ABSURD! 
    Believe me, It wont take long until they start reading books that aren't made from paper. What kindle of world is that?
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    SammyS reacted to Morrigan in "Kindness" plugin   
    Read nuisance and people will check it and STILL not give two damns about it. Its a barrier for posting and NOTHING more.
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    SammyS reacted to Daniel F in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    New purchases were already disabled few weeks ago.
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    SammyS got a reaction from Axel Wers in Clubs   
    Indeed! Although I hope it to be soon fully functional on invision mobile app 
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    SammyS reacted to Tripp★ in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    ^ Absolutely, this.
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    SammyS reacted to stoo2000 in Mail Bouncer - Automated Bounce Management   
    As always, you're more than welcome to submit a support ticket on my site for assistance.
    @SJ77 I would recommend submitting a ticket with access information so I can look at that, in all likely hood the provider you're using has been temporarily blacklisted with Gmail/Microsoft (this tends to happen fairly often with SendGrid when using their shared IPs).
    The 4.5 version should be approved available sometime this week.
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    SammyS reacted to Axel Wers in Clubs   
    Hello, I want only to say, clubs are great feature which enhanced my community to a new dimension! Thanks, you make a good work! I believe that the clubs will be included in future releases.
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    SammyS reacted to Morrigan in Support team issue! the support is missing here!   
    If the RSS has a manual size for the image loaded there is really no reasonable reason that IPS should be stripping this data. Something that could be done is maybe some magic CSS voodoo but I don't know what/where/anything about the feed itself.
    Second, if the task IS a third party task (so it was made for a plugin etc) then you also STILL can't expect IPS to fix it. Anything that isn't core to IPS they cannot reasonably field. In this case it sounds like the task in question was installed to facilitate a third party application or plugin which means that the error is with that plugin/application.
    Just because IPS offers developers the ability to implement tasks doesn't mean that they are responsible when the code fails from the third party application.
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    SammyS reacted to TheJackal84 in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    thats what I mean but with gifts, it would encourage them more, use the gifts as achievements also what are only awarded when the goal gets reached

    you can also award points or a shop item though it don't have to be a gift
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    SammyS reacted to SC36DC in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    I can't tell you how great it is to see you back online. I hope all is well with you.

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    SammyS reacted to TheJackal84 in Sticky Notes (support topic)   
    I did update it to 4.5, just checked it and I did not mark it as 4.5 it's still sat on 4.4, I will only need to change the compatibility field to 4.5 but think it will need to be approved again, 2 minutes and it will get changed to 4.5
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    SammyS reacted to TheJackal84 in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    Will look into it mate
    Just checked this on my dev site and it works fine, mass awarded the points to a certain group and they all got awarded and logged
    Will check it out mate, hopefully all ready for next week
    Am working on it today, most is done just got to add some of my other apps to it
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    SammyS reacted to Morrigan in Let's get to know each other?   
    I'm Morrigan. Resident colorful person that loves pink and rainbows!

    Nice to meet you.
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    SammyS reacted to TheJackal84 in Sticky Notes (support topic)   
    Real life got in the way I have had a rough couple of months and been trying my best to get through it all, I have just updated it so it just needs to be approved by IPS, sorry for the delays I should be back properly here soon if all goes well. but for now I can just do what I can when I can, Sorry again 😀
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    SammyS reacted to christopher-w in So much empty space...   
    TBH I don't think there is a strong enough community here (ironically) to work together on a labour of mutual love. That's why I suggested a paid project, which in itself hasn't attracted much interest.
    It seems to me that most folks just want to solve 'their' problem and off they go. Which is a shame because I see mutual client cooperation as the only way some of these projects will get completed. Otherwise we are left with the Hobson's choice of wait for somebody else to solve our problems for us.
    On a more positive note, based on my belief that there is a lot of reinventing the UX 'wheel' here, some of it buckled, we've been looking at developments on Apple News, Twitter and FB. Apple News in particular has really nice UX patterns on both its desktop and mobile apps. At first it looks very simple, but benefits from a light and open design, whilst keeping information itself tightly packed. This follows Google's material design pattern mentioned by me earlier, and sort of has us thinking, these guys have put $billions of user clinic tested UX into common usage - so why not learn from them and follow suit. So that's the direction we are headed for now.
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    SammyS reacted to ExiledVip3r in Do you earn money with your forum?   
    Yes. I make a comfortable living solely off my forum these days.
    It started as a simple place to provide updates on a game project I was running around 2012 or so. That project has long since ended but the forums have taken on a life of their own since then. 5 years later or so, after being laid off from my programming job at the time I just shrugged as the forums were already making more in ad revenue than I got from that job. I now just spend my work time doing various moderation/admin tasks and maintaining the servers as needed.
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    SammyS reacted to Interferon in 4.5 is really good   
    We did away with our heavily customized forum skin and just went with the default, with our own header and footer added. Then I changed the colors of that skin to make a dark version. It required a few lines of code in custom.css and it's not quite finished, but the results are really good. This is the best our forum has ever looked, and it's also the lowest-maintenance its ever been.
    The integrated GIFs, little changes like the rounded border around the reactions display, and other subtle improvements have made this update really nice. My community site feels lightweight, responsive, and alive. It definitely feels more like a "social community" than a boring old forum.
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    SammyS reacted to HighlanderICT in Do you earn money with your forum?   
    We earn just about enough each year through Google Ads and a few donations to pay for our hosting and software renewals and maybe the odd mod or two. That's the aim each year. Never going to get rich doing it but its satisfying that the community has a stable core of members with others coming and going over the years. Been doing this site for 26 years (1994) and using Invision since 2007. Like others, its a passion project (my favourite football [soccer] team) with a secondary pull that it keeps me connected to my home city after moving away from there in 2003. 
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    SammyS reacted to Maxxius in Do you earn money with your forum?   
    same like you, it's my passion project. I had mine for 14.5 years now. In its heyday it was the most popular thing in its niche in my country. Back in the day I earned a lot of money with it but not much since 2015 when FB took over and I got lazy and did not update the forum and stayed on 3.4.
    last year I made the big upgrade, slowly regaining traffic and member activity and I earn nothing. I spent 4 months almost every day upgrading it, planning it, working on it and so on and I have not earned anything substantial back. and its not a problem. I just love having a place where people meet and I get to play with IPS software and mods. 😄
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    SammyS reacted to Rikki in Can't login to app   
    Apologies again! Update your app to get the latest build and things should be good now. At the time of this post, the app was approved in the Play Store but still pending review in the iOS App Store, but should be available soon. Note that in both stores it's still in the beta process (Beta in the Play Store, TestFlight in the iOS App Store) so you won't see it unless you specifically opt in to the beta.
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    SammyS reacted to Rikki in Can't login to app   
    Apologies for the problems. I was finally able to diagnose the cause of the login issues, but unfortunately they cannot be fixed until 4.5.2 (and new app builds). That should be available in the next few days. That will solve both the failed logins and the 'invalid redirection uri' error.
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    SammyS reacted to Lindy in Spanner passed away   
    I'm very saddened to hear of this news. Dawid was one of our most prolific and talented third party authors, but beyond that, he was a husband and father to young children - that hits close to home for any of us dads. His shoes will be left unfilled both personally and professionally. My deepest sympathies to his family, friends and loved ones. May he rest in peace. 
    @Qubabos - I'm sorry for both of your losses. 😞 
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    SammyS reacted to The Old Man in Spanner passed away   
    So sorry to read about this sad news. Thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and also those who knew him here in our community.
    RIP Spanner.
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