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  1. Ahhh, sorry I didn't bother to download it since I really don't need it but anyway I like this release.
  2. It's nice but some people would probably abuse that and pin fight threads, advertisement threads, etc. There should be a TOS before purchasing it because if they abuse it they'll get the thread un-pinned and no refunds.
  3. Going to test this out on my server
  4. This thread is turning into an essay :/..
  5. @Lindy Trust me most people would buy the Copyright Removal if prices were cheaper like on XenFailedForumsShit. If you just trust us maybe you'll make a little more $$.
  6. Sorry, tbh I thought it was really that simple lol.
  7. Then we should make a new TOS? For example, "If any nulled forums of ours are used both the hosting company & the user will be taken to court" or something like that..
  8. You guys are always saying how "We take Piracy very serious" but no matter how many times we report nothing happens. But anyway here's a brilliant suggestion that most people will find pretty good. How about you guys do this, if someone try's to install a nulled forums of IPB make a feature where in one week if that Owner doesn't provide a IPB License his/her forums will get auto deleted or get an auto message saying "You have not provided your License so we have shut down your forums. If you wish to buy a License please click here". BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED.
  9. As always. Aiwa saves the day. I thought you would make a hook for it (As always). Thanks for this. But I would still like to see it in IPB 4.0 without installing any hooks.
  10. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I was going through the hooks and I found this. :3.
  11. Why can't everybody be like this guy and google first..
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