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  1. thanks for your suggestions. i reload the files for 4.3.0 and it worked. I will wait for 4.3.4 to try it to upgrade again.
  2. i used filezilla (binary mode). i compared the files permisisons against another web site and it's ok.
  3. Hi. I'm tryng to upgrade manually from 4.2 to 4.3.3, but i get this error: If you are sure the files have been uploaded correctly, make sure the permissions are set correctly on them. /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/applications/core/modules/admin/members/members.php /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/system/Content/Search/Elastic/Index.php /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/system/File/Amazon.php /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/system/File/Database.php /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/system/File/FileSystem.php /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/system/File/Ftp.php /home3/mvptwokc/public_html/web_mvp2kcaribe/system/Text/Parser.php I uploaded again several times those files and get the same error. Any suggestion?
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