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    supernal reacted to All Astronauts in 4.5: Search Insights   
    Daniel downloaded mine back in December. 
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    supernal reacted to DawPi in 4.5: Search Insights   
    My 3.x mod:

    God Job anyway. I like it.
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    supernal reacted to Joel R in Work smarter with 5 of our best time saving features   
    This is a great list.  
    It's so great that @Matt stole one of my future article ideas, ha.  
    Some things that I wanted to add:
    - Future Publish Date: I love queueing up content in advance, especially when I know I'm going to be away from the community.  It helps trick my community - whoops I mean "reassure" - that I'm still active even while away.  You can set future publish dates on Page records and Blog posts.  
    - For the RSS Feeds, I usually like more granularity in how its displayed.  So as a pro Joel hack, I created an email folder called Community Ideas that's subscribed to various newsletters and feeds.  Anytime I need ideas, I just browse that folder and then rewrite a short introduction. 
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    supernal reacted to 403 - Forbiddeen in 4.4: SEO Improvements   
    Only left to allow SEO on tags. For example: All tags have your own page right? On wordpress its possible to give a good SEO (TITLE / META) using this term. 
    Now to edit this title, i need to edit my head code on theme. Work, but i can't set then more two strings, if i did, broken my head. 
    Look on 'title', i set 'fórum sobre 'TAG' Brasil'. But i want to give more DETAILSm using more words. For example : Fórum 'TAG' BRASIL | 'TAG' FÓRUM BRASIL | 'TAG' SUPPORT FORUM  ETC ETC.
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    supernal reacted to The Old Man in 4.4: SEO Improvements   
    Brilliant, really, really chuffed that you reached out to Yoast on this, experts in their field. Would love to see more examples of this.
    I've always thought that Invision Community could do with an equivalent Yoast SEO and W3 Total Cache performance add-on to make life easier and assist with content authoring of news and blog articles. 
    I get chills thinking about IPS reaching out to Elegant Themes to bring Divi Builder to Pages! 
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    supernal reacted to Markus Jung in 4.4: SEO Improvements   
    Google prefers parameter pagination:
    BTW: I lost a lot of rankings/traffic after upgrading to 4.4. - but this may also be caused by the last major google algorithm update. At the moment it is quite frustrating. 
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    supernal reacted to asigno in 4.4: SEO Improvements   
    Also worth noting that Google doesn't support rel=next/previous anymore 
    John Mueller at BrightonSEO talking about rel=next removal.
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    supernal reacted to TheWorldNewsMedia.org in Test drive Invision Community 4.4 now!   
    Anyone have any historical perspective on how long it usually takes IPS to roll out a beta... to when us non-beta users will be able to upgrade?
    Are you all thinking March? June? Just curious.
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