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  1. Ah excellent.. Thanks, but is there one for database entries on Pages? Otherwise, I'll just have to use forums posts. Cheers Erm, nevermind, I found it... can't believe I didn't see that before.
  2. I was wondering if there is a way of setting up the forums or pages so that the original creator of a thread can see it as well as say a group like admin. I've been looking around for a little while, maybe using the wrong terms or just no info on it. Essentially what I want to set up is somewhere for people to create confidential posts to be actioned by admins, like for instance a complaints section, where someone can make a complaint without risk that the person they are complaining about can see the post. I can't see anywhere in the pages app settings or forums settings that will allow the original creator to maintain vision on that post or database entry. Thanks
  3. Awesome... I'll check them out... Thanks. EDIT: Fantastic work... Looks good!
  4. Thanks 🙂 Cheers. I'm want to thankyou for the App as it is already, it's made managing the members so much easier. I'm glad I have been able to help. Let me know if there is anything else I can do, or provide if it helps.
  5. Hi There... I just installed this recently and so far it works as advertised, as a shed load easier that using page templates to create application forms like I was... But I have noticed a few things... In the Mod CP where someone can Approve or Deny, I've noticed when clicking approve, I get a popup stating that it is already approved do you want to continue. This is the same for Deny, but it states they are already denied. Another thing is I was wondering if you can remove the Approve button if it is already approved and the deny button if it is denied. See this example where it is approved but the approve button is still available... This can cause someone to be "approved" by multiple people, filling up the topic the application creates. There is also the way it keeps the record in the AdminCP... each user that applies, has a separate page. As seen in the image below, there are 5 pages (five applicants.) And this is an example of the record database for the previous method I was using for applications, It's a bit hard to find a particular applicant but its a quick click on each, the way your app stores the records, you need to go through multiple pages. So if you could store all records on the one sheet, with the Applicants name, it would be awesome! And I think this is the last thing I had.. I created a Form that essentially created a post in a set way (something it stated on the box - nice) but for this particular form, I'm not concerned about "Approving" the form/application, just happy for it to make the topic... so I tried having no groups on the manage permission, hoping it wouldn't ask for approval or notifications... but it still shows both. (Or would this be because I'm the super admin?) Could we have an option where if there is a form application that doesn't need Approving, then it can just be "Auto-Approved"? Oh, One last thing. I have multiple application forms post topics to a single location, but in that location it has a button Called "New Application" This is a nice feature, but only allows the first application form hooked to that forum to open when clicking it. Could it be so that if there are multiple application forms on the one forum, when you click it you get a selection drop down so you can select which application Wait, another one... In the fields, can wee have a field where we as the creator adds text. You have the instructions text, but I wanted to add another text section after some user input fields, but I could not find a field that we can enter text to, but to the submitter of the form, it is essentially read only for them. For example section titles for different sections of questions. Another thing I noticed, that if I wanted to use a redirect link, I had to first add the application forms block from the block manager (or setup topic/post for the application to a specific forum) and get the link to the actual form from there. Is there any way to obtain this link when setting up the form... e.g. in the edit page after the first save, it shows the link to the application form somewhere? Maybe under the forum name field? I promise that's all... Thanks for the App and your consideration of these bugs/feature requests. Cheers Azza
  6. Thanks @Mike John, Happy to wait for this feature in a future version. Cheers.
  7. I can see where you're coming from and can see it getting messy. How about the other method I mentioned? would that be possible?
  8. Hi @Mike John, Thanks for the reply, and it's all good, I understand. I see where you are going, but it's not really the solution we are looking for, as they could also be members of other manually set secondary groups that aren't based on rewards. It needs to be something like taking the current state of the secondary groups, removing any "Reward groups" and then adding back the appropriate reward group. Another way to look at it is in the Admin CP area when setting up the rewards, add another field where you can select secondary groups to remove them from, where I could select only the reward groups but all other groups membership status' are left untouched. I believe this would be the better solution as it gives more choice than it is for just blanket removing all reward groups... I hope that makes sense, Cheers XPSuedoX
  9. Hi Mike, Any word on my query? Cheers
  10. Hi there, Great App and still getting my head around it for how we would like to use it... So my question/suggestion here is. We want to set up a staged donation, where the higher the amount they donate the higher "VIP" level they reach. We have set up different Icons for all the groups and using the "secondary groups icons" plugin. I would like the "members" Primary group to Remain "Member" and am only adjusting the secondary groups for the VIP levels. when they make incremental donations (all promotions are permanent) the member keeps getting the VIP level tags and if donated incrementally enough would eventually be part of every VIP group as secondary and the secondary group icons would be rather.... cluttered. Is there a way to remove them from secondary groups as they progress? e.g. Dontate $25, they go to VIP1, donate another $25 they go to VIP2, but it removes them from VIP1? I can get this to work as desired by using the Primary group for promotions, but as mentioned, would prefer the Primary Group to be Member. If there isn't a way to do this, may we request a feature in the Member Rewards Settings that allows for removal from a secondary group allowing for a stepping stone approach as opposed to a stairway approach? Cheers
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