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  1. Sent you a pm with an error a user is getting when he tries to register his UUID.
  2. Just PM'ed you the information. Sorry for the late reply.
  3. Sorry, I was paraphrasing. I ran the removeUnlinkedGroups task and it did not work, then I ran the syncGroups task just to see if maybe that would do it too. Neither worked.
  4. "Remove Groups from unlinked UUIDs?" does not seem to be working. Tested by logging on with another device that has a UUID that is not registered on the site, gave the user a group, and ran the job (actually ran both sync and remove jobs). The user did not get the group removed. Tested both with the user logged in and with the user not logged in to TS3.
  5. Hmm, I ran the support tool to clear the cache and it does the same thing. Appears it is not the app. Now if only I could figure out what the heck is causing this.
  6. When ever I try to install this plugin, my site stops loading correctly. When I view the developer console, I see the errors in the attached image. Any Ideas? Only way I have found to fix it is to revert the server to prior to installing the app (uninstalling does not work). But the second I try to install it again, this happens again.
  7. I did use this, I have groups that are 1 to 1 with my TS3 server and as users get added/removed to a group on the site, I would like to see them get added/removed in TS. Also, glad to see you back! Let me know if you need a tester.
  8. Just wondering when the next "major" update is coming out? I know originally you were saying late June/early July for the management features. Not mad or concerned, just looking for an update (I work Software QA in real life so I know how timelines are).
  9. If you save the Associated TS3 group "None" then go back in to the group, it does not display as being saved as "None".
  10. Yeah it is a feature that I would not expect to be feasible until at least the server management release. Hope it can be done though, because as soon as a user updates their pc build or reinstall TS3 then the forums have an outdated UUID and if the user never updates it then it kind of defeats the purpose.
  11. Another feature I think would be nice on the group settings would be: If UUID Required is true, then display "Enforced on TeamSpeak" If Enforced on TeamSpeak is true then display settings. Settings: {Message|poke} user every {x} minutes, then {kick user|repeat} Message: {text field with character limit for poke/message}
  12. Would it be possible to allow users to enter more than one UUID? I have some users who connect with either different PC's and/or with their phone. They then have more than one UUID.
  13. Maybe not change, but remove. My only concern is that a user will get a hold of another (potentially higher rank) users UUID and then register the other persons UUID as their own to knock that person out of their actual higher rank. This would then lead to a situation where I can not ban the user because it would ban the actual legit user, and I can not fix the legit user's rank in TS3 because the integration would just knock him back down. Also, question as to how the ban works. Does it just ban the UUID or does it add a ban for the IP as well? I ask because it is very easy to UUID spoof to avoid bans, not AS easy (but still somewhat easy) to bypass the IP ban.
    Not only is this app getting more and more features at an unbelievable pace, the developer is both amazingly responsive and quick to fix any issues that come along. On top of that, this is an app that I have been hoping for since I moved to IPB 2 or 3 years ago. It is nice to see some new app/plugin love for those of us that run gaming community forums. Thank you @Ahmad E.!
  14. I believe the suggestion of "None" (see below) would work for that, unless I am reading your post wrong. Then you could set the groups that you do not want to enforce it on to None so it does not effect them.
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