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  1. I think it is not, look at screenshot, in the middle is ededed
  2. I do not want my color, but want to know what is default color, to use it in my code)
  3. Hello! I wonder where I can find color for post border, I want to use it for border of ad after first post. Thank you!
  4. Hello! What is the name of template for this page?
  5. Hello! I think this ads should be separated with 1px line if they are same color.
  6. Here is the video with differences:Here is the video with difference Untitled.mov Your plugin should move down editor window more, so I see it all, and not just its top part with nickname. I demonstrated it when clicked on @ symbol.
  7. Installed. Works good. Have two proposals. 1. In readme first step should be "import plugin" 2. I have another quick mention plugin installed, which works almost the same, with one exception. When nickname pasted to editor - I see all editor or at least (like when quote) - I see quote and pointer at new line: My another plugin: quote pasted: your plugin: I more like your idea to use quick mention by clicking on nickname, instead adding @ to symbol near nick, which I should click to mention. By the way, how can I change hover phrase "Mention this member"? In XML file?
  8. I do not have any Display -> comment
  9. Can I ban user group? Also, can I ban from all but one?
  10. How then you go to members profile?
  11. Hello! I see in custom profile fields I can let users select color. How can I allow them to use this color as header background? Thanks!
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