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  1. ​As far as I remember in 3.4.7 this option was turned off by default, so members were not affected. Enabling it was sole decision of admin. Thus there are two options - admin enabled it deliberately and understand how it works or admin enabled it because of his stupidity, but some admin stupidity is not IPB fault. Admin should explain users of his board why it works like it is (eg because topic bumping is prohibited). If we would go that way of thinking we can assume that better to stop producing knives as somebody can be stupid and instead of slice bread will slice his hand To keep this op
  2. ​+1 On big boards (like mine) concurrent posts from new users (& not only) are published pretty often. Sometimes because user wants to bump topics (which is prohibited at my board) or because just simply forgot to edit his own post. Bringing this back would took away really big amount of work from moderators at my board. Merging concurrent posts is one of two tasks that moderators have to do the most often at my board (phpBB yet, I'm on conversion now, testing and I keep in mind future of my board). In fact merging concurrent posts feature was one of the most important factor that lead me
  3. Does any Chrome user here, who is testing IPB 4.0 got problems with slow ACP loading after longer working in it? I'm seeing that after some time in ACP of IPB 4.0 Chrome loading ACP pages slowly - exactly CSS styling - I see ACP page, but with normal checkboxes instead of fancy button switches for some options and I'm seeing high CPU usage by Chrome for some time until it finally load ACP page styling. It is just my problem, or anybody else also saw this?
  4. Just now I ran into this issue in stupid way - tried to convert my board online from 3.4.7 to 4.0 b8 (as it went way too slow on localhost). Got problems so I installed clean IPB 4.0 to new folder with weird name. After I found solution, I deleted subfolder and I realized that I'm now unable to convert online at all as TESTINSTALL is now used and I even cannot reset/change it by paying - no Reset button (probably because I got no main URL yet, I'm keeping this for final conversion, I got only test URL which cannot be resetted now). I'm stuck Stupid mistake as test domain stays the same, just
  5. Got some idea for improve moderation in IPB 4.0 Now when moderating - to split topic You need to select all posts that need to be splitted. But if there are more post to split from main thread (to the end of current topic), selecting them all is adding some work. I think that it would be useful to add an option to split topic starting from first selected post. It would automatically move selected and all further posts to new topic. Also it would be useful (in my community) to give ability to add reason for splitting which would be shown in first post in new topic. Both things would took away p
  6. Even some exotic options probably had some user base. I was using concurrent posts merging, somebody else - inline title editing. We all can manage our boards without these options, but we will have to do same actions manually, which will result more work for us... Of course I understand that when rewriting IPB some options were hard to re-implement or implementing them would cost too much time. The question is how many users used these not implemented options. As IPB is now in beta phase, we all there are probably advanced users - normal users are not interested in betatesting and will updat
  7. Thanks for answer Lindy, the best about IPS is that IPS is taking care about customers needs. It's nice to know that I'm not left alone in the dark and I don't need to deal with my problems by myself Good to know about constants.php - I need to look there. I got only one request about this - if there will be some advanced features - please separate settings available there from IPB updates so changes there won't be cleared when updating whole system. Of course such approach to hide some advanced options in file is absolutely sufficient Maybe my doubts are mainly because IPB 3.4.x is extrem
  8. 4.0 brings new Admin CP, which is very nice and well organized, but... with less options My understanting is that IPS decided to simplify Admin CP, but I'm not sure is this the approach that admins really want... For example I see that Merge member's concurrent posts option is gone. Instead there is flood control, but much less powerfull. All cache rebuild tools are now only automatic, I got no control on them. One hanged for me (Rebuilding non-content editor content), cannot stop or restart it, so finally I got a lot of tasks waiting for that one hanged to complete (which will never occur,
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