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  1. Hey Mark, Could you see if you have the same issue that I have ?
  2. Sorry for being unclear. The printscreen is from the settings from a category from my articles (in pages). So it is preconfigured to have a prefix. But when i create an article, there is no prefix, not on the article and also not on the copy in the forum (articles are copied to the forum also)
  3. Hey, Is it possible that this function is not working? These are settings from Tags & Prefixes for a category under Pages. But there is never a prefix not on the page item, nor on the copy on the forum. Is this an issue of this module, of a main ipb thing?
  4. Hey, I just bought this theme, and for some reason the "colorizer" is not working for me. I'm not able to put my theme in dark it stays white. Also the other palette function is not working .. Is this due to the beta version of ipb?
  5. Hi, is it possible to fix your demo website? It is not possible to check ..
  6. Also have this problem.. tried the above here... started the upgrade, but gave an error again.. Missing argument 1 for IPS\Http\collab_hook_ipsHttpUrl::__construct(), called in /home/rubberm/public_html/system/Http/Url.php on line 169 and defined
  7. Apperently its working now. Probbly had to refresh a couple of times more
  8. Thnx, but the fix only fixed it 50%. Show all calendars still has no results. If I chose only one, i got my events, (before that fix it was also none)
    Bought the template and i like it!
  9. Hi, I got a problem on my forum, that the block "upcomming events" is not working. He keeps saying that there are no events, but there really are events.. The first upcomming event: http://www.rubbermadness.be/index.php?/calendar/event/70-pirelli-chinese-grand-prix/ And the main page with the next event block: http://www.rubbermadness.Be Anyone elles had this problem? (the block itself is correctly configured with no day limits to display)
  10. Hi, No it was not a caching problem, but IPS Support is quick and they fixed it. For people who also have this problem, this is the solution: " Hello, Unfortunately the issue is being caused by the Rules 3rd party application which you currently have installed. I have disabled this for now and you will need to contact the author of this application for support in this area. Kind Regards, Marc Stridgen Invision Power Services, Inc."
  11. My site is broken after that upgrade I already did the support tool. Did not fixed it
    App still has problems with cutting down words. He splits in a not normal way.
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