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  1. @CodingJungle I am having a problem with it. This app is not sending a warning message to users. What should i do?
  2. @Fosters - Thank you for replying. Is it possible for you to test it and make tweaks if required for it to support 4.4? Thank you for your time.
  3. Hey @Nathan Explosion - I haven't bought the plugin yet but I am very interested. I wanted to know if its possible to get the plugin updated to support IPB v4.4?
  4. @Fosters - Hello, thank you for making this application. I cannot find the 4.4 version. The one on the product page says it supports only 4.3?
  5. @YouTheme.net OK. I will be anxiously waiting this next update. It will become one of the most flexible and ultimate theme ever. I am glad to be a part in development process of such an awesome theme.
  6. Thank you @YouTheme.net for such an awesome update. But how we can increase body font size? Font size became much smaller now than default.
  7. Hey @TheJackal84 - I am facing this error again - http://prntscr.com/ptt90v
  8. Hey, The teaser for 2.0 looks good! Any ETA when would you release that? On a side note, I had two requests if you could look into it - 1. Can you add a flood control setting to the bonus points transferring option where members send bonus points to each other and the option to exempt staff from flood control? 2. Can you somehow integrate with donations app (https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7615-donations/). We currently offer certain amount of bonus points for every donation and have to transfer the points manually to each donor. If you could integrate it with the above plugin where the user automatically gets bonus points on donation? Its not a big deal as we could do it manually but was just wondering.
  9. should i PM you my ACP details, you mind take a look?
  10. @Pete T Its just happening in the popup signup. Standard registration page is fine. Please fix for popup signup page.
  11. @Pete T yeah i am using version 1.0.5. Take a look in the screenshot. I uninstalled and then reinstalled fresh copy but still double message.
  12. Is there any update? i am getting double message on signup. Plugin: 1.0.5 Invision Community v4.4.7
  13. Does this plugin have the following functionality or able to add it : I would like users to have an option to send emails only to a particular staff member or a particular group. I assume the plugin only allows selecting certain user classes to send emails to all users. I would like all users to have the ability to send emails only to the staff group.
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