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    James101 got a reaction from CodeBite in ☄️​​​​​​​ Acme Theme   
    I would recommend the theme to anyone who is looking for a dark theme. It is very well made and made my website faster than before. Its easy to use and is perfectly optimized for computer as well as mobile use. The support is far better than expected and the developer goes the extra mile to help you out with any issues or custom modifications you need with the theme.
    Good luck!
  2. Sad
    James101 reacted to EJay's Friends Group in 🔥 FLine - High quality theme   
    I have to agree with everything MysticStyle stated.
    I fell in love with this theme. Absolutely loved it. And I used it until the 4.3 upgrade. Why? Because it does not work, but I am certain someday they will get it in sync. 
    Support. I have experienced the same thing. No response, vague response, or a blow off. Now I may expect that from something free I guess, but I paid $30.  And as mystic stated, "Have a backup theme". Thankfully I did which is what I am using now.   
    It is sad, because such an awesome looking theme is so plagued with bugs and lack of decent support, I will not be using this theme again. The creator stated something that he is busy with school or something and is sorry. Well I am busy too. Yet, I honor my commitments, especially when people paid me to do so. 
    I gave a one star because to me, timely support is everything. The most beautiful theme in the world is worthless to me if it does not work or do what I need it to do. And having to beg for support and then getting little or no support,  except promises, well zero stars was not an option.
    4/28 Further thoughts. I realize that I may have been hard on the rating. For the theme design I totally rate it a 5, because as I said I love the theme. I am certain they will get it all worked out at some point. But I still agree that it is always good to have a backup theme anyway. That is just a smart thing to do. . So therefore, in good conscious, I have to raise my rating to a three anyway because the theme design is awesome.
  3. Sad
    James101 reacted to MysticStyle in 🔥 FLine - High quality theme   
    Earlier I had issues with the theme. It was not usable and I didn't get a response from the support team, which is why I rated it 1/5. 
    The support team contacted my and helped fix the issues. I wish they could've answered and told me they were busy instead of not saying a anything. Communication is key and that is what support is for. The theme itself is great. It has a modern-like feel. Actually the only thing that could prevent someone from liking this theme, is the colors, which they promised to fix. The slide system is good. It also gives you the option for a guest slide. Which some communities can't live without. The footer does its job. It's perfect for me. So I rated it 5/5. 
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