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  1. Moderated Chat Feedback

    I agree with DII in that a moderated chat should be a live event. You can use the forum to promote the interview and have some predefined questions come up but attendees would want to be able to interact with the guest(s)live. It would need a main panel for the live chat and a queued panel where the attendee's comments and questions would stay until the moderator pulled them over. The number of questions per person being configurable with the ability of the poster to remove a question and replace it at the bottom of the queue. The queue panel could be viewed by attendees or not. The guest(s) should have the option to either plus (request) or minus (refuse) a question with the moderators being the only ones who can see this. The moderator should have the option of pulling the question and/or the user who posted it into the live chat.
  2. just create the team_icons folders in each of your /public/style_images/*skin name* directories and use {style_images_url}/team_icons/*icon name*.gif for the url to the group icon image.
  3. Abit AW8 motherboard post codes.

    I would suspect the pcu just because I've had very few cases of a mother board having inconsistent problems. Usually when they go out, they never come back but I have had psus over heat and act like that. However, like SmashinGarcia has stated, every dime you spend trying to fix it could reduce your cost in replacement with a new unit.
  4. I came to bring the stars for you..:)

  5. I saw that IPB has improved the subscription email plus your tracking subscription by sub id also. I think your close but it would be ideal if a member could over ride the board default to choose a reoccuring subscription or a one time billing. This would allow for a more instructive email and could also include a paypal renewal link in the email or just confirming that their subscription will be automatically renewed. By tracking the sub id, it should be possible to differentiate between a new, renew or upgraded subscription letting them renew without letting their current subscription expire. I'm not sure if I'd be the only one using this or not but I'd like to see a limit on the upgrade ability to do something like upgrade up to 50% of the subscription time else renew the package at expiration. I don't have any idea how this would be done or if it could be done reasonably or not. I know that a fool proof system can't exist while God is busy making new fools everyday but anything we can do to help I'm sure would be appreciated :lol: