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  1. http://1lf2g.com/ A place like any other...but with a general topic vibe for it. :P
  2. Just merged from MyBB 1.8 to IPS 4.2 yesterday for this lovely site. http://postberry.com/ Still new and still fresh, still working on it and hopefully can get it active somehow.
  3. Still have http://ipslocus.com/ going... Also Hosting website now has a IPS forum... http://cloudcubix.com/forums/
  4. Totally just got smart on fixing a major problem with an installation I was having.

  5. I have three themes from there, I'm working on getting them back to being active after tomorrow. Also have this one on IPS 4.1 as well. https://offtopica.net And this one on IPS 3.4 https://ipslocus.com
  6. This was fixed, I had to contact support for it.
  7. Oh, I know. I'm having problems upgrading to cause my co-admin wanted the forum to be upgraded. Can't figure out the problem with it.
  8. http://ee-forums.com just recently opened up...it's about 2 weeks old and already up to 800+ posts.
  9. http://offtopica.net A general forum for everyone to post and make threads...a lot has changed from the site. Been using IPS for about since about March of last year.
  10. Tried to install this on my site and it won't even let me access the admin control panel now. Just keeps going to the forums and nothing else.
    After installing this, it has kept installing and installing which came up like this in my plugins. In the image, the scroll to the right is long.
  11. Phillip

    Free SSL

    Never heard of them, but I will check them.
  12. I use Filezilla on a daily basis I always correct my permissions when I upload files on there, though.
  13. I've own a PS, PS2, PS3, XBox and XBox 360 in the past, I was never a big gamer but I did play here and there. I still have a PS3.
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