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  1. Any chance you might consider reviving this for version 4.x? Thanks!
  2. The member message hook is not included with the light version of the skin. Ajouz said he'd be fixing that, but never did. Now support is gone for the skin, so don't expect this to happen. This project appears to be dead and paying customers stranded.
  3. 3.4.5 at the moment, but will update to 3.4.6 soon.
  4. That would be a great feature, and I'd love to see it added... as long as there was a level of protection from it being abused by spammers.
  5. I think that primarily comes down to how prominently the site owner chooses to display the reminders, progress bars, etc. They can range from "no big deal" to extremely obtrusive, depending on the site you visit. Mainly, it depends on the site owner's own goals, policies and requirements. If a complete and accurate profile is essential for proper operation of the community, it requires more "nagging". If it's merely for a matter of extra convenience, but otherwise non-essential, there isn't a great need for obsessive nagging. For instance, if I ran a site that involved professional net
  6. Yes, there is, and it works well. However, a lot of people sign up on forums and lurk for a period of time without adding additional profile info... until they decide the forum is worth further investment their time. This is where a profile reminder system would come in handy.
  7. Hi Tom, I discovered a bit of a layout issue with the theme when using IP.Blog. See attached.
  8. I would love to see a profile completion progress bar. You'd need to be able to assign items for inclusion though, because some custom fields are often optional and rarely used. I'm actually surprised no one has made a third party add on for this yet.
  9. Hi Stoo2000, I just installed the latest beta version. Works a treat! My only question is, can I edit the profile mini map's default zoom level somewhere? I know it's not in the ACP settings, but is there a file I can edit? Would love if the profile mini map had a zoom function built in too. Still, those are totally nit picking. Love the mod, man! :smile:
  10. That sounds logical to me. I'd certainly be interested in seeing the results.
  11. That's so cute. Now, if you're done trolling, the big boys and girls would like to continue the discussion. ;)
  12. That's a great point, and ultimately, the quality of third party scripts provided in the IPS Marketplace does reflect on IPB as a whole, for better or worse. Why not provide a sandbox server for this very purpose? Simulate heavy loads, allowing for a virtual stress test on third party scripts. I suppose you could even require them to pass the test for inclusion in the Marketplace, if desired.
  13. Rimi, With all due respect (and I truly mean that), your ego is a bit too big for your britches. You should tone it down a bit. It will serve you much better in life to treat people respectfully rather than going around and insulting them. Though I've not purchased or downloaded any of your handful of simple hooks/extensions you've posted, because none of them suit any need of mine, your behavior on the forum certainly doesn't compel me to want to try any of them in the future. You might carefully consider that others who see you act in this manner might also come to the same conclusio
  14. Quite the sharp edge you have. Jeesh. It sounds like you are an aspiring coder. That's great! It's a fantastic field to be in, and if you work hard and focus on the right things, you should have a bright future ahead of you. But listen, you ARE missing the point my friend. Clearly, everything should be CODED as efficiently as possible. I'm not debating that. I don't think anyone would. It's elementary. However, it should be coded as efficiently as possible FOR THE PURPOSE IT IS INTENDED TO ACHIEVE. No one is arguing with you. You're just not seeing the forest for the trees.
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