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  1. Hey Adriano, We are using Amazon CloudFront as a CDN. We're having an issue in the tutorial section where the tutorial author's avatar URL is incorrect.Example: '> In the uploads section of IP.Board we have: //OURDNS.cloudfront.net/uploads We do NOT have a http(s) in front of the uploads path to ensure that if someone uses SSL to login to our site they will not see warning messages. Do you have any suggestion of how to fix this issue? Thank you,
  2. Hi Mike, We currently have the newest version and are running into an issue where we can not disable email confirmations. No matter the settings we try the submitter of a form always receives: "Thank you, your form submission has been received.". This message is sent no matter what settings we have configured in the application. Any guidance on how to disable this message? It is possible to select an incorrect field on the "Confirm Email" section. However, if we continually send non-existent emails our email provider will quickly become quite upset. Thank you,
  3. Hi Mike, I have searched this thread & your site but not seeing a clear answer. Question: We currently have all of our donations managed via Nexus recurring donations / payments. If we install Donation Tracker will it be able to read who is currently donating via recurring donation and will new donors be able to select a recurring package and have their donation go toward the goal? Thanks,
  4. Did see a post about this several months back but there was never a resolution. Is there a way for admins / mods to manually enter individuals into a raffle? Perhaps even register them for multiple entries for the same raffle? I plan on creating a closed raffle and manually entering individuals... they will not be able to register. We would accomplish this by making the raffle available to a member group with zero members. Admins would then be able to manually type a name in and enter an individual.
  5. New updated version works great! Thanks for the continued updates.
  6. Hello -- Having an issue where some users with valid BF4 names in the proper custom profile field are not being fetched. The users do have valid BF4 stats pages just nothing is showing up under their profile on our website. The task scheduler is running, and has been running, for ~15 hours. Pulling 8 every 15 minutes. Confirmed by turning on logging. The users in question have been on the forum since the hook was applied, though they haven't made any new posts. Also there isn't any update box or anything related to BF4 stats on their profile page. Have rebuilt cache. Suggestions?
  7. Trying to remove a member from a group does not seem to work. I have tried to remove members who submitted an applications and ones who have already been a member. When I click 'remove' on a user it just goes to the main listing of all groups and does nothing else. I have checked to ensure I'm a moderator of said group and that the ability to remove is there. Note: Have tried both secondary groups and primary. Suggestions?
  8. I feel so foolish. The second I went into settings I saw that the plugin was disabled. All that was required was to flip it to 'enabled' and then all was fine. Before that I actually uninstalled the plugin. Ugh. Thank you for the quick response. For anyone reading this, upgrading to the newest version of ip.board caused the plugin to go disabled. The fix action was to go into the module settings and enable it.
  9. Upgraded to newest version of IP.B and the sidebar is not being displayed. I've searched this thread but haven't been able to find a solution for the problem. Suggestions?
  10. It would be interesting to see an option to let us decide which groups are excluded/ignored from the auto reply. And then a way to disable the red box at the top of the site. I get a lot of messages from guests and random site users who see my name all the time and just want help. Then I also get messages from our moderators when they have an issue... it's the first group, the guests, that really only need the auto reply.
  11. Solution for post #869 was to actually just install some random modification. Once I installed another mod the error and install button went away. Go figure.
  12. Excellent news! I was going to give it a shot last night to try and figure out the install but totally ran out of time. The example site you linked to is very well laid out, and just feels right. My setup won't be anything near as complete as yours. The only thing I plan on doing with the poker install is letting my online gaming clan play the occasional poker game right on our site. Should be pretty nifty with integrated install and linked accounts like you've got with IPB. Thanks again. I will be giving the windows install a test this weekend.
  13. A poker system which ties in with the IPB auth? yes please! The one quesiton I do have is will this work with Windows? I read the doc and did search for 'windows' and it seems that it is possible to get it to work.
  14. IPB 3.4 Uploaded all files to the correct location, went to install and it looked like it installed correctly. However, there is still an 'install' button visibile. Upon clicking the 'install' button again it takes me to the IPB upgrade section at www.mysite.com/admin/upgrade/. Any suggestions? Perhaps manually uninstall the package and try to run the installer again?
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