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  1. Nice, but after a month i was expecting a more interesting news
  2. Nice job, but now if there are the same theme for desktop and mobile there is a problem in the states without a good 3g connection more info: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/400022-ipb-40-different-responsive-theme-for-mobile-devices/
  3. We can see the signature in the profile?
  4. While this ranking system is active there is an option to do post only once to the same user in the topic?
  5. Hello, I wanted to ask you what you think of adding the option that prevents the creation of topics and the use of the messenger for the warning system. Because the approval of a moderator for the post is less useful than the complete block in some cases. And in some cases it is useful to block the messenger, and do so with the warning system is much more convenient because it can make even the moderators. sorry for my bad english, tell me if you do not understand :tongue:
  6. You should add this feature because it is more useful than the posts will need to be approved by the moderators *sorry for my bad english*
  7. I don't see that option in the warning system to block the use of messenger or post/create topic but only the posts will need to be approved by the moderators
  8. Can you add the option to block the use of the messenger?
  9. the look and feel of the posts is terrible .. it's all white
  10. it would be useful to know the referrer and the name (and version) of the browser and the os
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