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    Wolfie got a reaction from AndyF in Remove 'Send me news & updates'   
    You can edit the language string, or remove it via the skin editor.  Although if you remove it, I recommend NOT forcing it to be enabled, or you could wind up with many unpleasant members.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from kmk in Feature Request: points system   
    All of them? (w00t)

    If it's available within the board software, they may be able to make use of it. Either by modifying it to call on their existing software or perhaps migrating to it and using the other software as an extension.

    Although to be fair, it doesn't have anything to do with a point system, which is what a handful (4 fingers and a thumb) are asking for. Just thought it was worth mentioning as it could open up some possibilities.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Washerhelp in Report form need a captcha to stop spambots   
    I think it would be best as an option. For sites where an admin feels as you do, they just disable guest access and they're done with it. For admins that want to allow guests access to certain things such as reporting content, be able to force some sort of verification to reduce the chances of it being a spammer.

    Not taking sides on who is right/wrong, since each community is unique and what works for one site may not work for another.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Tripp★ in Different Charity please   
    Nice post Taffy.

    More like, only giving the feeling or emotion doesn't make for a good, factual argument. It boils down to being nothing more than the spreading of a rumor. It's like if I were to say, "The information on IMDb isn't reliable" but providing no examples as to why I'm saying that. I may very well have valid reasons for making that comment but without giving the reasons and examples to validate the reasons, it's nothing more than a claim. Now to provide links to several pages (shows/movies/people) with details as to what's inaccurate, preferably with links to reliable sources to verify how it's inaccurate, that would demonstrate the claim.

    "Autism Speaks" could very well be unworthy of receiving donations because of the few things mentioned, but I prefer to see proof of those things. Are there any news sources that have done articles on A.S. that mention the same things? Are there people (verifiable) that have witnessed this first hand and told of their personal experiences? Regardless of the cause, any charity/organization that isn't focused on the same goals as those it's representing needs to be brought out with facts, not just a dislike. Some of them use very little of the donations for expenses and employments, while wisely using the rest for the end goal (cancer research, helping kids, feeding the hungry, etc). Others take out a large amount for nonsense reasons (bonuses, etc for those running it) while giving something like only 5% of the donations towards the advertised goal. The latter type of organizations, be it from greed, lack of understanding, lack of compassion, etc, are the ones people like to learn about with verifiable facts, so they know who to avoid donating to and warns others about.

    What if there is simply a misunderstanding about how A.S. is operating and the few negative things are based on the words of a few people who may have had a rare bad experience from an otherwise respectable organization? Worse yet, what if some of those bad experiences weren't the fault of A.S. but rather from a misunderstanding based on what others said? That happens a lot in the world. For example, what if someone misread something about A.S. and went to someone they know saying, "A.S. will pay for you to go to college!" and that person then contacts A.S. and is told "No we don't do that." The middle person suddenly had a negative experience and may be thinking that their friend would never lie to them, so A.S. must be making false claims. So then they go around warning others to not donate to A.S. because they're liars.

    This topic alone may have already had an affect on the amount being donated through IPS (see the IPS blog and how people can donate to Autism Speaks through IPS). The concerns raised are valid, but are they real or are they just words? Seeing news articles (from reliable sources) describing how there are very few (if any) autistic members with control of how things are handled, along with reports of actions that conflict with what the autistic community wants or needs, that would have a much larger impact than just saying that it's happening.

    So, Phidaissi, please provide some sources that give verifiable accounts of negative encounters or provide further information to show that A.S. isn't a worthy organization to support. I'm not saying you're wrong nor am I saying that you're making things up. I'm only saying that your claims peak an interest into learning more, but the reader shouldn't have to go out and look for the information to see if you're right or not. It should be provided already so people can see for themselves why you are speaking out against A.S. It would also help if you provided links to sites where a majority of the community is autistic or has some form of autism and a majority of that community is against A.S. or have concerns or issues with them. It says a lot when an organization is disliked or spoken badly about from the very people it's supposedly trying to help. If thousands of kids from across the nation were to suddenly start speaking out against the "Make-A-Wish Foundation" about being mistreated, you can bet that support for them would drop so bad that they'd need to start making their own wishes just to keep from dying out. (Please keep in mind that I was only using "Make-A-Wish" for a hypothetical situation and that "Make-A-Wish" is a worthy organization to donate to.)

    I look forward to a response from you, because I for one would certainly like to be "in the know" of issues with well known organizations (charitable or otherwise). I cannot stress enough the importance of providing valid proof instead of unverifiable claims.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Ilya Hoilik in Nexus, custom product fields   
    As far as I can tell, this isn't possible, so I'm making it a request.
    When multiple custom fields are being used to alter the inventory/price of something, currently, the multiple fields are done in an "AND" fashion.  So if using two custom fields, there are four rows to fill out (price/inventory for each).  However, it would be nice if there was a way to have individual fields be independent of others or better yet, be able to choose which fields must be grouped together.
    Example:  Someone is selling a shirt with a logo on it.  As add-ons, there are four different bumper stickers and also four different refrigerator magnets to choose from.  Let's say 20 of each item, so there are 80 bumper stickers (20 or each kind) and 80 magnets  (20 of each kind).
    As is now: Would have 16 rows of fields to fill in, including quantity and price.  However, can't put in that you have 20 of each in every box because that could potentially cause an over-purchase of one of the add-ons.
    Requested method: If fields could be separated, then it would be only eight rows to fill out.  As an item is purchased, the inventory from two different fields is decreased.
    I know that different products could be made and then grouped, but that's creating an entirely new 'product' listing when the custom fields could have handled it much easier.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Haku2 in Nexus, enhance license generator options   
    argh, I wrote this out and something fubar'd...  
    Could of ideas that I'm sure Mark can easily handle, for new license key options for sold products.
    Custom PHP code
    Admin can write some PHP code and optionally use some supplied information like the member's ID number or name, generate a key and then return the result.
      Pick from a list of pregenerated keys
    I'm thinking this would be better as a (product) custom field.  Sort of like a select box, except there would be a title and content box for each set of keys for the custom field.  When editing the product, stock/pricing adjustments, the title would show, along with a count of the keys (empty lines ignored).  For the quantity, admin is limited to a number from 0 to the max number of keys found (this would allow admin to prevent a few of the keys from being sold off for some reason, if desired).
    This would be useful if there are regular and pro versions of a product, where the product is listed as one item instead of multiple items, and pregenerated keys must be used instead of ones generated by Nexus. Hopefully that made sense and sound like worthwhile ideas to add.  The custom PHP one I'm sure would be easy enough to add, it's the pregenerated list that I'm worried about.

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    Wolfie got a reaction from Marius in Hook to hide "quote" from posts   
    Not sure if this will work the way you are hoping but you could try changing the 'Quote' language bit to be empty.  Or just edit the skin to remove the link altogether.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from chilihead in BUG in Commerce 4.1.10   
    Oh okay.  I thought perhaps they meant uploading a file to the store itself.  Thanks.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Librekom2 in 3.1 request. "Favorite Posts"   
    Sort of like you can friend someone or watch a topic, click on a post to mark it as a favorite. Then when you want to recall a post for some reason, you can look through your favorites. Mark it for any reason, helpful information, funny joke, interesting topic, etc.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from RazorSEdge in My return to IPB   
    I added the IPS apps in an effort to 'meet' what you said vB already includes. So that actually helps the vB side, not hurts it. The ticket and install/upgrade support, since it's included as part of the IPS product license, in order to do a fair comparison, had to include it on the vB side. Can't just pick and choose what to compare and call it fair. You yourself pointed out that vB 5 includes the other stuff as part of the package, but if you want to go the route of not adding in additional stuff...

    vB 5 - $249
    IP.Board - $175

    IP.Board wins. Enough said.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Jon Matcho in Pick and choose members in mass edit   
    This has been brought up before. The ability to pick and choose which members to mass move/prune from search results in the member management area. This is a missing element that definitely needs to be included.

    If an admin happens to have an onslaught of spammers joining during a specific time period and they wish to do something about those members, that in itself isn't so bad. But if in the middle of it all, a couple of legitimate members have joined, then it because more difficult. Being able to select the members from the results would help remedy this situation, as all the offending members could be selected (via select all, then deselecting the legit members) and then perform their mass actions per normal.

    Would also be useful to have a few extra options, such as mass ban and mass 'spammer', perhaps putting all options (move/prune/ban/spammer) into a drop down menu to keep things tidy.

    Another feature that would be nice to have would be something similar to a multi-moderation feature, where custom actions could be applied to all selected accounts (or could be done on an individual member when editing them). Could include things like mod-q'ing th person, adding a premade note, adding a warning level, restricting posting access, etc.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from xtech in Make notification emails beautiful   
    I think what Feld0 is saying is it would be nice to have HTML templates for the various email notifications, pre-designed and such, so that all an admin has to do is customize for their community.

    I think this would be a great idea, but would need to be more intensive to make it what it should be. So for IPS 4.0, a new template area for emails, where you can edit both the HTML and plaintext styles in a template editor like interface. Put in the language bits where needed, so you can make a uniform look that stays the same regardless of what skin is default, language settings, etc.

    I think it would be a vast improvement, but should definitely wait for 4.0 to be added.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from SimonTemplar in req: Default avatar per group   
    Sort of like team icons, but be able to specify a default avatar image. So if someone doesn't choose an avatar, the default one of their primary group will be displayed.

    On here for example, regular members could have a generic avatar while customers could have a default avatar that is more glowing.

    Obviously if the member picks an avatar in their CP, then that would override the default as it does now.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from VHL in req: Default avatar per group   
    Sort of like team icons, but be able to specify a default avatar image. So if someone doesn't choose an avatar, the default one of their primary group will be displayed.

    On here for example, regular members could have a generic avatar while customers could have a default avatar that is more glowing.

    Obviously if the member picks an avatar in their CP, then that would override the default as it does now.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from Gabriel Torres in (Wolf3x) Restricted Reply Function   
    Updated it, please try it and let me know if there are any problems with it.
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    Wolfie reacted to Andrej in Lower your copyright removal price   
    Hopefully you are not mixing IPS logo (which is changeable) with IPS copyright.
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    Wolfie reacted to Rob. in Lower your copyright removal price   
    I don't really see the point of copyright removal. Public side, it's only one link at the bottom of the page...why pay to get rid of one small link in the bottom right corner? :unsure:
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    Wolfie reacted to rct2·com in Lower your copyright removal price   
    I had always assumed that people wanted to remove it so it was harder for hackers to find out boards they could try and exploit if a big loophole was found.

    Presumably, it has a value to invisionpower, in that they hope people will see a site, like it, and click through the link to buy the product themselves?
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    Wolfie reacted to CallieJo in Perpetual licenses being done away with.   
    I understand the reasoning behind this decision based on the change in structure of the product(s). However, as a business owner, I would have honored the 4% in a different manner. Purchase the "core" and receive a lifetime forum at no additional fee. Giving them a coupon through Nexus to honor the promise. That would have been my business plan. But, maybe I don't quite understand the new purchasing structure to make a valid decision.

    Rational behind the path I would have chosen (keep in mind this is personal opinion based on my business experience):
    Older customers are often your best customers. They have and continue to refer new customers through the best advertisement...Word Of Mouth backed by trust in the company's promises. 4% is a huge number in terms of word of mouth. Older customers oftentimes support the company in other ways like purchasing multiple licenses under new license structures. Sometimes even renewing those licenses even when they don't need any updates or support. Older customers and customers with multiple purchases are your biggest assets in business, IMHO. This decision does not affect me directly, but I hope that it does not cause more negativity towards IPS. The more negativity out there based on the company's trust factor, the less people will invest in IPS. As customers, we want to see IPS grow so the products grow and our investments continue to have stability.

    Anyways, I hope for the best on all ends...
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    Wolfie reacted to tppn in Perpetual licenses being done away with.   
    As Lindy said they are not leaving them out at all!
    Typically companies would have you pay for a whole new license after changes like these have happened, but instead they are giving the new license to them for free, which I think is a fair deal.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from TSP in Perpetual licenses being done away with.   
    The license was for IP.Board, not IP.Core + IP.Board. If IPS wanted to, they could call the forums "IP.Forums" or "IP.Discussions" starting with v4 and legacy license holders wouldn't have any claim to it at all. Might be off of IP.Board, but since it's a rewrite of the code and such, it could be given a different name and would be perfectly legit. Don't get me wrong, I can see where legacy license holders can argue that they should still continue to get IP.Board for free (with free support for Lifetime license holders). However, IPS is a company that needs money to remain in business. Take your pick - structure changes and so the license isn't supported anymore and you have to pay (renewal costs, not a full new purchase) OR company has to close its doors because it can't afford to continue going. Either way, the license (as it is) is no longer good.

    I have a Lifetime license that I don't use anymore. I don't plan to change it or anything, as I keep it as it is as a keepsake, to remember the times of the past and as a reminder of how far the company has progressed since those days. In fact, in the CA, I've affectionately named it "My Precious." :D I still remember getting it and I've gotten more than my fair share of use from it.

    If you don't want to lose an existing legacy license, then purchase a new license and retire the legacy one.
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    Wolfie got a reaction from CallieJo in Social Groups App for IP.Board   
    This is requested a bit...



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    Wolfie got a reaction from The Old Man in 4.0 - Can we have a new Emoticon Manager please?   
    No way. It's the worst punishment I could think of. :D
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    Wolfie got a reaction from BomAleold in (Wolf) Export Hook With Version Numbers   
    File Name: (Wolf) Export Hook With Version Numbers
    File Submitter: Wolfie
    File Submitted: 28 Aug 2012
    File Category: Utilities

    Recommended for anyone who develops or exports hooks on a regular basis!

    Very very simple. When exporting a hook, it will change the default name (which is just the hook's key with '.xml' added to it) to a name that includes the version number(s) in it.

    Using this hook as an example, it changes this:

    wolf_exportHookWithVersionNumbers.xml to this:

    wolf_exportHookWithVersionNumbers 33000 (v3.3 Alpha).xml Tested on IPB 3.3.4. May work for 3.0.x to 3.2.x but is untested. (If you use a version prior to 3.3.0, please leave feedback with your version of IPB and whether or not this hook worked for you.)

    Adds version number to exported filename automatically. Can update hook files with new header information Header information customizable Choose commenting style of header Change start/end tags for replacement Test mode for file modifications (leaves original files alone) Backup mode available
    About the customizable header:
    This will let you create a generic header (via settings) to place inside the PHP files associated with the hook. When exporting, it will replace the content located between two tags with an updated header. When dealing with multiple files for one hook, it can be cumbersome to update each file with new version information if only one file was changed. Thus, this feature.

    The tags are customizable but are defaulted to '#soh' and '#eoh' for start and end, respectively. Here is an example of how it looks in a php file: #soh // some customized details // to give generic information // about this file #eoh

    The three lines between the two tags would get replaced with the customized header. This makes it easy to include name, email, copyright info, site, version number, dates, etc.

    There is also a '#created' tag, where you can put the unix timestamp for when the hook/file was first created. If it's found, it will use this to set <#thisyear#> to the original year of the hook/file. If the '#created' tag is between the two main tags, it will add it after the end tag.

    There are four modes for the header features. If you don't want it to be used at all, just set it to be off. Otherwise I recommend 'test' mode, as that will write out to a new file (same file name with '.NEW' added to it), so you can confirm that it won't corrupt your file during the process. I strongly recommend test mode for a few days and also making a backup of all files. I have tested it and even used it when exporting this hook, but it's "better safe than sorry."

    (At some point I will provide a list of tags and what information it supplies. For now, the example in the settings should suffice or you can open the 'export' file and take a peek.)

    This hook may not be redistributed, shared, copied, or duplicated in any way without my approval.

    here to download this file
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    Wolfie got a reaction from KSam in IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist   
    Before I address posts that I have quoted.. It's generally not a good idea to group multiple ideas into one topic. If they are highly related in concept/function/whatever, then having a few in the same topic I think isn't too bad, but ideas 'all across the board' in one topic can actually HURT more than help.

    Addressing them one at a time, your items in bold...

    1. Better quoting system (quote selected text ability, single line between quote and cursor in editor)
    Quoting selected text, I believe there is an add-on for that, though I can see that being useful as a core feature.

    Since line between quote and cursor? I'm confused. Do you mean forcing a blank line to show up in posts between the end of a quote box and the reply? If so, then no, I am extremely against this. I actually despise when this happens, because then if there are multiple quotes within the same post, it can cause confusion as to what the text is really a reply to. If you think I'm crazy, then think about this. Ever notice how some people reply to something with the quote BELOW their reply? Yeah, that. I have multiple quotes that I'm replying to and there's a gap, that can cause confusion. Forcing a space between the quote and the reply is an absolutely HORRIBLE idea. If you want a blank line to appear in a post you make, then hey, go for it. That's your choice, but don't force me to follow that same mistake.

    2. Better emoticon system, where you can bulk add, and organise further into folders
    Bulk add, easy to enable/disable one or more from being 'available', option to use the same image for multiple replacements (like : P and : - P with the same image instead of the same image uploaded twice).

    3. Drag and drop images/attachments to the editor (fast reply and full editor)
    I could see the usefulness of this.

    4. Removal of the profile feed (do we really care what people are thinking?)
    Some of us do care, so yes, we need it. Veto to removing the profile feed.

    5. Automatic Gallery album creation when adding/drag/drop image to editor
    What if Gallery isn't installed?

    6. Light/er on images (and/or heavily optimized - see #8)
    Doesn't #8 cover this, making this a needless mention?

    7. Profile privacy (for those members who do not want any personal information available to members)
    To a degree I could see this. Each profile have a certain amount of information available to everyone who can see profiles. But beyond that, let the member decide who can see what. Might want to hide contact info from everyone except those who are their friends or only allow staff to see it, etc.

    8. Better optimized images/.js/.css (have seen some really nice results from Smush.it)
    Here's something that perfectly matches your comment.

    9. Simplify adding of images/attachments/files (for all of IP.Board/Gallery/IP.Downloads/Blog - right now, too many clicks)
    This is #3 again, just slightly different.

    10. More standard login methods (Google etc)
    Nah. At least, not part of the core. Instead, have drop in modules that add the login methods. That way there aren't 20+ unnecessary items cluttering up the list.

    11. Softer ACP colours
    You planning to take a nap on the ACP or something? The colors seem fine to me.

    12. Notes section

    13. Make administrator posts uneditable by moderators (even if they have ACP access)
    How is the system supposed to know that someone is a moderator if they have ACP access? Technically, someone with ACP access is an administrator.

    14. Administrator everything ACP/profile make uneditable by moderators.
    You mean, make it so that anything done by an administrator cannot be altered by someone with lower access. I can see that being useful. Only limitation I would put on that though is to allow a moderator to hide (but not delete) content. What if an admin made a post that needs to be hidden from view and it can't wait until another admin is online to do it? Let moderator hide content by an admin and if it was a bad decision, then let the admins sort it out with that moderator. Better safe than sorry.

    I reserve the right to add to this list as time goes on :thumbsup:
    By the powers invested in me, the Grand Poohbah of Wolves, I hereby discontinue that privilege to add to the list. :lol:

    I would really like to hear about what you would like to see in IPB Suite 4.0 (and why).
    Many things, but let's make separate topics about those instead of letting it get lost within one topic.

    1. Do you mean make it so that if a post is hidden or deleted, that if it was quoted in another post, to automatically 'hide' it from within that post? I can see that as being useful but also confusing and potentially resource consuming.
    2. You mean to let a user remove their own account? If so, I can see that, provided that I can disable that function on my communities.
    3. Why not just toggle the option for the guest member group so they can't see member profiles?

    1. What if a topic is moved from one forum to another? That URL would no longer work. What if there are multiple topics with the same name? Yes, you could check to make sure it's a unique URL, but if the community has over one million topics and is rather busy, that could cause some serious issues. Bad idea.
    2. If you're going to say to use one method vs another when it comes to 'fixing' something in regards to search engines, provide data/proof for your reasons. Maybe using rel is a bad idea and is already going to be fixed, or perhaps it's a great method but for some reason people are under the wrong impression that it's bad. I honestly don't know so I'm not going to take sides on it. Provide evidence to support what you say, so that if a needed, it's out there and easy for the devs to understand it. Right? Right.

    status updates - people still use that. Just because YOU don't doesn't mean it's something that people will never use it. I've seen it used, even recently, on other sites running IPS software. So your saying that it will 'never' get used is already invalidated right there.

    'fancy forum results sorting'? I don't get what you're talking about.

    You want the editor tools to be removed? Nuh uh. I tend to make use of 'My Media' and often the left/center/right justification buttons. Sometimes the font and size options as well. For certain things I will type in the [b/u/i] codes myself, or highlight a section and use ctrl + (b/u/i), but those buttons are there for a reason and many people use them. No idea why you think that no one ever uses them, but if that's seriously what you think, then you are mistaken to an extreme degree.


    Again, topic moved to new forum, then the URL is invalid presuming it fixes itself by redirecting to the new/correct URL... Well, when a URL does a redirect, that in turn causes a sites rankings to sink, doesn't it? I'll hand you the can of worms and let you sort it out.

    Very good point, but let's not stop there though. Let's do the same for numbered lists, where the number is at the very end instead of at the beginning. Example of this where I am listing the street light colors at an intersection.

    That makes a lot more sense. Please note the heavy sarcasm and the fact that I fail to see how the ID at the left can cause confusion. The ID at the right can be just as confusing.. Someone reading it and then seeing a number will be like.. "Huh? What's that number for?" Either they understand the purpose of the number or they don't. If they don't, then it won't matter if it's on the left or the right. At least logically, with it on the left, sorting wise, they will be in proper order.

    I don't see the point of including the forum name in the URL when the forum name is already part of the breadcrumbs. I've seen the search results of sites using IPS software with the breadcrumbs preserved and the name of the forum (and the topic) as part of the result. Why is someone going to decide to ignore that and read the URL itself to decide if it's what they are looking for when the summary of the content does that for them?

    I would click on the result that has a a mention of 1967 Mustangs within the title or the summary. You really don't know how to use a search engine, do you?

    Oh and by your own rules, it would be "Mustang windshields 1967" not "1967 Mustang windshields."

    There are no thread URL's.

    That's the responsibility of the Adsense account holder to tend to.

    Why not just use an ad delivery product/service that tracks clicks and such in a more advanced way? Use those same ad fields for calling on that product/service. Like OpenX for example? Better yet, get Nexus and use both of them together, for more options and control.

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