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    iphoneyardim reacted to The Old Man in Font Awesome 6   
    Yes, I think justification for upgrading outdated third party libraries extends far beyond just the oranges vs lemons design scenario of the icons, it's also about performance and efficiency as well. Bells aside (!), to take perhaps another analogy since the early 20th century the humble car has still had wheels, a motor, seats and lights but mankind didn't stick with the Ford Model T or the 4th era of vehicles because it was essentially the same thing. People upgraded their for cars for aesthetics, safety, security, performance, availability and efficiency when the designers and manufactures improved them. FA4 is slow and inefficient, not desirable qualities end users appreciate.
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    iphoneyardim reacted to Rikki in Font Awesome 6   
    The reason is essentially that it'd be a big undertaking for us to update to FA5 for relatively little benefit for most customers. Some people (like yourself) would obviously have more need for it, but on the whole the cost/benefit of upgrading is minimal. They do have a migration script but again I'm not convinced it's worthwhile to include that on every site.
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    iphoneyardim reacted to Feneroin in A built-in achievement/mile-stone system   
    It would be great if you integrate this feature and doing it modifiable by admins. For example:
    * Congratulations, you've wrote your first message/reply
    - created your first topic
    * ...you've wrote your 10th/50th/100th message
    * ...you've your first like
    - first liked answer...etc etc etc
    and notifiable via forum and/or e-mail...
    also visible on profil under like 'User achievement' tab...
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    iphoneyardim reacted to Ilya Hoilik in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    Version 1.0.2 is out!
    Added support for Turkish language Added support for Romanian language Fixed one critical bug Please note: you need to select required language in plugin settings
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