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  1. Found the problem, my timezone was set to UTC.


    I went to the database and changed to America/Sao_Paulo


    This seems to be the default setting when the system cannot determine the user's time zone.


    I took a test, registered on the computer and it was UTC, I tried it on my cell phone and it was America/Sao_Paulo


  2. 36 minutes ago, ReyDev said:

    google ads, do you mean?

    Any type of ad... image/video/script

    It could have an option to display when the user pass a certain amount of story.
    Or when the user changes profile.


    36 minutes ago, ReyDev said:

    there is a section called `my stories`. you can delete, re-share or disable the stories by mebers and admin

    No, I'm talking about that



    36 minutes ago, ReyDev said:

    Nope. all files after exipiry, will be marked as Passive stories.

    I understand, you could have that option then, for admins who don't want to store.

  3. Some questions.

    • Is it possible to report a story?
    • It is possible to place ad?
    • Is it possible to define a folder where the files are sent?
    • Are files deleted after expiry?
  4. When authors respond to a review, it is very "without salt".

    Can make the system a little more interactive as follows

    • Allow user to reply author
    • Notification when author responds to review (Amazingly there is no notification system for this currently)
  5. Hello,

    I think it would be interesting to separate the limit of new content with that of (posts, comments, review, etc.)

    Some communities just want to limit comment flooding, not content creation.




  6. Hello

    I'm using two elements to cause fast page loading.

    <img data-src="{file='$file' extension='cms_Records'}" loading="lazy" style="height: auto;" class="ipsImage MangaImage" alt="...">

    data-src and loading="lazy"

    My doubt is, does one thing cancel out the other or can maintain these two elements?

    I have a manga reader, the images are heavy.

  7. Hello,

    I upgraded today to 4.6.4 and right now the community seems a little slow to load any page, is this normal?

    This right after the update (it wasn't like that before)
    Could it be something in background?

    ----- Edited -----

    Already normalized


  8. 46 minutes ago, opentype said:

    It would help to provide steps to reproduce this. I don’t even know what we are looking at. Where are those screenshots from? ACP? Front end? A form submission page? A widget? An app? 

    checkbox set > field

    When you try to mark an option by searching, he doesn't fill.

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