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  1. We are preparing the first public preview of IP.Board 3.0.0 alpha and look forward to everyone's feedback and help in testing. It is our current plan to preview IP.Board 3.0.0 alpha the second half of next week (around Nov 10 2008 +/- a day or two). As promised, those in the customer group on the IPS forums will receive the preview a bit earlier. Keep an eye on our company blog for updates. The public preview will be on a special web site and will not be available for download. You can use the same login as the IPS company forums to login. A few important notes... This will be a preview of alpha software. We are not quite to the beta stage so please keep in mind that there are some areas still being finished up. We believe all functionality should be working properly but there are parts of the software that need some skin work. Some of the newest areas, like the new PM system, could use some extensive testing. We ask that you help us test the functionality, click around the preview copy and report those issues that you find in the special area of our Bug Tracker for the IP.Board 3.0.0 alpha preview (will be available on preview day). When reporting please be careful to look over all already reported bugs to be sure not to submit duplicates. Do your best to try to break it... so we can then fix it. As we have reviewed in previous blog entries, IP.Board 3.0.0 is very different from the version 1.x or 2.x series. So far the feedback from our private testing group has been great and everyone loves the new look and feel. We can never please everyone :) so please be civil if you do not like something that is purely a matter of opinion and offer a constructive suggestion we can consider if you feel something can be improved. IP.Board 3.0.0 is feature-frozen at this point. We will not be adding any new features but are happy to consider enhancements to those already included. We will always have version 3.1 for feature additions and one of the best parts of 3.0's architecture is adding new features along with upgrading is much easier than the 2.x series so upgrades can be developed and released much faster. Upcoming Beta Releases We will use the public preview for our first round of testing and performance evaluation. Depending on how the public preview goes we will begin releasing downloadable betas. Expect updates on the beta release schedule in the week following the public preview. Components like Blog, Gallery, and Downloads will have their own testing phase so please keep and eye out for those. Thank you for your interest and everyone at IPS is looking forward to the public preview. We hope you are too and that you enjoy it!
  2. The ACP skin will match the default skin :) Already does on our secret copies.
  3. Our new resource site has been online for a few months now and the feedback has been great so we are going to enhance the offerings and further involve our community of resource authors. Some upcoming changes include: Forum Organization We will be reorganizing and adding new forums to the company forums resource section to make it easier to navigate and find information. You will also soon notice a feed from the resource site to the company forums featuring new activity, most popular resources, and more. Resource Spotlight Once a month, we will feature a resource and do a short interview with the author of that resource so you can get to know them and what they created. We hope that everyone enjoys these features and they help introduce our customer community to all the great resources that are available to them. Community Projects The IP.Tracker bug tracker community project has been very well received so we are looking at introducing more. If you are not aware, our community projects are projects that we sponsor but the community actually creates and are offered at no charge. IPS provides resources for programming, hosting, etc. and the customer community writes all the needed code for the project. We already have a new community project lined up and will be announcing that in the next week. More to come Also coming very soon is a ranking list of the most used resources, ability to list paid resources, better linking with our main site, and more. Keep an eye out for more updates. Please expect some downtime on the resources site over the next several days as we implement these new services. Thanks everyone!
  4. Your best bet is to email accounts@invisionpower.com so we can have a look at your specific account and let you know for sure :)
  5. Updated the blog entry to clarify that those currently using the subscriptions manager will be able to upgrade to IP.Board 3.0 without losing functionality.
  6. Please use the company forums for questions and such :) To answer the one posted though ... the seo functionality will be configurable, optional, and backwards compatible.
  7. We are moving rapidly on IP.Board 3.0 development along with its related IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads updates. As we approach being able to post these updates for a preview and an eventual release we think we are getting close enough that we can start talking about some of the new features we have planned. I will be purposely vague in this first blog entry about IP.Board 3.0's development and let our development staff get into detail in future blog entries. While not promising a set schedule, you can expect an update from a developer almost weekly going into detail about a specific change or new feature. Our full new feature list is very long but here is a sampling for everyone. Our development team will go into detail about each one in the coming weeks and also introduce all the other additions not mentioned in this introduction. Interface There will be a great focus on usability and streamlining functions. The introduction of a new template engine which allows for multiple default template sets, easier skin editing, and a brand new default skin is something we are very excited about. Search engine friendly URLs will not only make your community more interesting to search engine spiders but allow for more human-friendly linking. Control The overhauled BB Code manager along with moving all default BB Codes to the system so you can edit them will allow forum administrators greater control over how their users interact with the community. We are implementing greater configuration options including being able to turn off features you do not use and finer controls on current features. Finer tuning your user signatures, turning specific options off, or even removing entire sections such as the calendar will allow you to gain finer control of how you want your community to be presented. Features There will be quite a few new features but, for now, we will save those for our upcoming blog posts to reveal what's new. A quick sampling: user reputation system, more permission configuration options, moderator enhancements, and ... lots more. Integration We want you to integrate your community with the rest of your web site with minimal effort. To make this easier for you, we will be putting great focus on creating a new hooks system for developers, more advanced APIs, content syndication, login methods, and more. Our applications (IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads) more tightly integrated with each other and with IP.Board itself. Coding There will be a lot of low-level code improvements which will make working with our codebase much easier for our community of developers. Everything we do will be with an eye toward resource usage improvements to make our software lighter on servers. Server Requirements To take advantage of many new capabilities, we will be officially dropping support for PHP 4.x series and requiring a minimum of PHP 5.x for our software. The software will work on the MySQL 4.x database series but we will highly suggest using the MySQL 5.x version. Oracle Database Due to slowing demand over the past few years, we have decided to discontinue supporting Oracle database system. We will continue to support MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Subscriptions Manager Again, due to slowing demand, we have decided to stop updating the subscriptions manager in IP.Board. We will be fixing all current known bugs to make the system compatible with IP.Board 3.0 so those currently using the subscriptions manager will still be able to upgrade. Anyone currently using the subscriptions manager will still be able to upgrade and everything will work normally for you. From there, we will be looking for community developers to keep it up to date. We will be posting a blog entry when ready to ask for assistance in keeping the subscriptions manager up to date. Anyone wishing to use our new IP.Nexus commerce system when it's available will be able to migrate as well. Of course this is just the short version. Keep an eye on our blog for more detailed updates and new feature reveals in the coming weeks. And finally, when will it be released? Right now we are thinking the fourth quarter of 2008 (IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads will all receive a new version at the same time) but of course that's subject to change... it could very well be sooner...
  8. This video shows the ticket weighting functionality and how you can prioritize ticket listings. View Video
  9. This next video shows the form manager functionality in the IP.Nexus content management application. View Video
  10. This video focuses on the static page content section of IP.Nexus. View Video
  11. The first in our series of preview videos for the upcoming IP.Nexus. This video shows a quick overview of the dashboard and its widget capabilities. View Video
  12. For those of you who have been with IPS for some time you may have been aware of a previous announcement regarding the development of two separate products called Nexus and Dynamic. Nexus was to be an ecommerce billing system and Dynamic was to be a content management system. As we developed these products the Internet market had changed quite a bit so we have made the decision to totally discontinue Nexus and Dynamic production as they were. We know many of you were looking forward to either Nexus or Dynamic as they were first intended and we apologize if this disrupts your plans. Instead we have decided to create a new product that combines the previous goals of ecommerce and content management along with a host of features including customer management, support, business organization, and a modular structure in which features are only limited by our imagination. Since everyone at IPS loved the term "Nexus" to describe this system we decided to recycle that name and so IP.Nexus was born. IP.Nexus is a complete business management suite which includes many of the previously stated goals along with so many more. We look forward to releasing this new product line. It is worth noting that this time around the new product is nearly complete rather than an idea in development. Expect a lot more information including the first public betas in the coming weeks! Watch our announcements forum and this blog for more information.
  13. That and I am not sure how a blanket statement like that can be made before anyone has even benchmarked it in action.
  14. As many know, we are in the process of revamping IPS Beyond. Along with that, we will be offering many more supported resources from IPS. The first will be a new supported skin that will be offered as a secondary default skin to the board. This first skin will be designed as a very basic skin (no gradients for example) thereby allowing for much easier color changes and such when you want to match it to your site. As a supported skin it will be updated between versions of our software. We will be previewing the new skin on our company forums in the next few days and it will be available along with IP.Board's 2.3 release.
  15. We just wanted to thank BoxerPals (http://www.boxerpals.org) for sending us that lovely box of cookies and fudge. You know how to go straight to our staffs' heart. We occasionaly get thank you gifts from customers and it's always appreciated.
  16. Everyone has actually been quite busy lately even with the lack of Blog and News announcements. We thought it time to post something here so you knew we had not all decided to take a month off or something. After any large release there is a lot of "clean up" work to do like starting on small updates to fix issues or going back to some neglected projects and finishing them up. Our staff has been working hard to do just that and are nearly done and ready to move on to more exciting things. As stated in a previous entry: we are working on the IPS Beyond enhancements and are quite excited about getting IPS Beyond upgraded. More on that in the coming weeks. Don't forget that we are hiring! See the job postings announcements for details. There is a lot of development resources being focused on the IPS Business product line. We will be posting the first official preview of this product line in the coming weeks. We are extremely excited about our approach to business services and are looking forward to releasing this entirely new product line. Thank you to everyone who has given feedback and noticed our recent customer service improvements. We have another round of customer service improvements that will be phased in soon so expect things to continue to improve. We will also be posting a survey next month for existing customers and hope you can give us ideas. That's all for this update - we will be posting again soon. Thanks!
  17. If it is tagged to Lindy it's probably not support related. You can certainly email him to check on it.
  18. Just a quick note on support response times for those not on a guaranteed SLA: We recognize and apologize for the recent slower than normal response times to support tickets. The release of IP.Board 2.2.0 is causing a huge increase in volume. The influx of new tickets is starting to calm down and things should be returning to normal soon. To speed resolution for your support tickets please be sure to include your login information in your original ticket. If you do not, the tech support team is forced to move on to another ticket which slows down the whole process. Thanks for your understanding! We're working on catching up now. As an example: from the date of this post, in the last 24 hours the tech support team has sent out 731 replies.
  19. Can't answer detail questions yet because we haven't pinned down details ourselves :) We will let everyone know more as things are finalized. It will be an ongoing project and it's hard to say completion with the holiday in the middle.
  20. Now that IP.Board 2.2.0 is out and being well-received we are going to turn our focus to IPS Beyond. If you are not familiar with IPS Beyond already it is our official customer resource site. At IPS Beyond customers can enjoy an informal atmosphere in which they can receive customer-to-customer technical support, chat about the products, share tips and tricks, and more. There are also modifications available for download to extend the feature set of your boards. Many ask why they should use IPS Beyond when tickets are available and the short answer really is: it's up to you. You can certainly use our ticket system if you want the response times quoted under your license type or if you prefer your assistance made in private directly with our staff. IPS Beyond is great for people that want to take our products beyond (har har) what they would normally do or need help in areas not covered by our official support. Ok, definition done, now here are the upcoming plans: The web site will become... a web site, so not all the features are interlinked with the forumsComponents provided directly from IPS! Some free some low cost.Premade skins directly from IPS to start off your forum customizationsGreater recognition and rewards for those active members of our community who help others and provide modifcations/skins.Tighter integration between IPS Beyond and our company forums Work has already started on the revamp. We will keep you updated. There are lots of details we are still sorting out so give the IPS Beyond team time to get the pieces together... you should be quite pleased.
  21. After literally years of paperwork and waiting on the government's United States Patent and Trademark Office to do its thing we have, at long last, a registered trademark. While our logo and name were always a trademark in the ™ sense they are now a registered trademark in the full on always fun
  22. [quote name='.John.' date='Dec 7 2006, 11:15 PM']Does this mean IPS is hiring again? Feel free to send in a resume :)
  23. Already? Didn't we just release IP.Board 2.2.0? Yes and yes. Ah, the nature of product development. We knew we would have to do an IP.Board 2.2.1 release right after releasing 2.2.0 so it is no surprise. Although we tested IP.Board thoroughly before release there is never a way to know what will happen once a product is released out into the world. On the whole it's been very stable and we are quite pleased. Lots of odd little errors or issues specific to special server configurations. Some patches for specific conditions (like running on PHP 5.0.4) have already been added to our knowledge base. We are also going to add more clarification in 2.2.1 for frequently asked support questions that are not bugs but just confused areas. While 2.2.1 isn't exactly an emergency we will die if it isn't released sort of thing, we will probably release it sometime during the week of Dec 11 so those people with the "odd" issues can be sorted. Also, the technical support team would probably welcome some integrated help on areas that are confusing some users :) And speaking of support: the flood of requests with the release is starting to calm down so if you are waiting a bit longer than usual for ticket replies that should start to show improvement very soon.
  24. We had several meetings over the last couple months on improving the upgrade system for IP.Board 2.2 and it certainly has improved. The system is generally safer and warns you if something doesn't go right. Not to mention IP.Board itself will scan your database and report problems in the admin area. Now that IP.Board 2.2 is released we are finding that although the upgrade routine works there is still some confusion. Particularly the manual upgrade routine. So... note that if you check the manual upgrade option when running the upgrade system, the upgrade system will tell you what SQL queries to run. It will not run those queries for you as you told it you wanted to do them manually :) Keith from the tech support team and Brandon from the development team will be getting together tomorrow and work on better explanations of the difference between the manual and automatic upgrade modes. The current plan is to implement the changes to the upgrade as a hot fix to 2.2.0 as the changes will just be instructions (not code changes) so no bugs could be introduced. We always ask you to report bugs you find in our software but feel free to report things that work but are just a little confusing in our feedback forums. Part of making good software is also making it friendly to manage :)
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