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  1. We have been posting blog entries and information about our soon to be released Community Content System for some time now. For those of you who have not already read about CCS, check out these posts: Introducing Community Content System Blocks Overview Pages Overview Media Manager Templates The CCS system is currently in internal testing and has reached Release Candidate phase. We are just finishing up incorporating feedback from our testers and will soon be able to make version 1.0.0 available. We are not going to set a specific release date as certain capabilities of CCS do require updates that are included in IP.Board 3.0.2 so that update must first be released. However, we do expect a 1.0.0 release of CCS to be available for purchase soon after IP.Board 3.0.2 is released. As CCS is a new product and will require time to mature into the fully-featured content system we know all of our customers expect, we are introducing the product at a greatly reduced price. We have many great ideas to enhance CCS as we continue to develop the system. We made a decision for this 1.0.0 release to not go overboard with features but focus on creating a stable "core" product to work with. Just wait for version 1.1.0 where we have all sorts of fun additions planned. No. No details yet on those features. Don't ask. Really. ;) The introductory price for those of you wanting to start using CCS as soon as it is available will be just $35 with a yearly renewal of $30 for support/services/upgrades. Not only does this reduced price give those of you who decide to buy early a great discount but it also allows us to phase in some of the product enhancements over time without having pricing pressures at the very start. As for the final price... we have not yet set it so take advantage of this low price if you are interested in CCS. Look for the announcement for the release of CCS soon after IP.Board 3.0.2's release!
  2. We have tried that before and, would you believe, everyone tagged their tickets as high priority? :) Things are much faster now than they were even a week or two ago. We put in some internal changes that have streamlined tickets quite a bit.
  3. We do have staff working on the weekends, including billing, so orders and tickets do get handled :) (albeit slower on weekends since there are fewer staff of course)
  4. Different isn't always a bad thing :) it's just ... different.
  5. View new content can show post since last visit or unread. It's an option in the user settings. By default it's since last visit.
  6. Our CCS application allows administrators to create page templates to facilitate easy addition of similar pages throughout the site. Most pages throughout a site follow the same general structure with only the main page content changing from page to page. You can utilize the page templates functionality of CCS to make adding pages in this scenario much easier. Page templates utilize the full power of IP.Board's skin system which means you can use any template conditionals and template plugins in page templates to make them more dynamic. Page templates also support categorization so you can group common page templates together or organize page templates into functional groupings (for example: put all templates that are included into other templates into one grouping). CCS allows you to optionally output content within the IPB wrapper or to output content directly. If you opt to do the latter: you will want to be sure to output appropriate HTML structures to define the page (for instance, head and body HTML tags). Page templates can help you streamline this repetitive task. Using page templates Walking you through an example session, you might visit the page templates screen and first create a category "Includes" to put all template includes into. Then, you might create a "header" page template and a "footer" page template that all pages will share, and afterwards drag-n-drop these templates into your "Includes" category. Next, you could create templates for the main area of the page - you might, for example, create a single column page template and a multi-column page template. Within these page templates you would include your header and footer templates and optionally specify where page content should be placed. The benefit in separating the include templates from the main page templates is that you can later update the one header template and it will apply to all of the page templates including it (and subsequently, all pages using one of these page templates). To include a template within another template, you simply use the skin template tag like so (using a template key example of "header_template"): {parse template="header_template" group="ccs" params=""} You can even include skin templates within your page templates, just like you would within forum skin files. Using page templates with pages With your page templates created you would add a new page using the page manager. On the first page of the wizard, select to use one of your page templates (such as your single column page template). You then have the capability to edit the entire page, or only the page content - this option allows you to either "import" the page template and edit the entire page area (if you select no), or edit only the content that should be placed within your page template appropriately (if you select yes). If you edit only the page content (the preferred method in most cases) any future changes to the page template will automatically be inherited by the page; otherwise, you would need to update the pages individually. This allows you to decide if you want a system where changes to templates are inherited by pages automatically, or if you want to instead use page templates as a starting point but ensure each page is edited and updated independent of every other page. If you elect to edit the content of the page only, when your page is saved the page content is placed within the page template where you specified when editing the template, the page is compiled and pieced together, and the page is then ready to be displayed. Page templates are an extremely simple yet extremely useful feature designed to help facilitate quick production and deployment of pages on your site. You don't even have to make use of page templates if you want, but we believe once you start using them you will see just how much time it will save you in the long run.
  7. Try marking your board as read. Since you're a conversion IPB thinks that all topics are unread. Clicking mark as read will "reset" everything for you.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to post. Of course we sometimes make mistakes, sometimes a support ticket is slow, occasionally people misinterpret a post, and so on but we do try to provide good products and services in a friendly environment.
  9. We are working on solutions for this service. There is an added cost to run a hosted-service like the spam monitoring so there must be a price factor there. We will sort something as soon as we can :)
  10. We have heard you and are going to look into our options on this matter :) I am going to close this topic as the same points are being made over and over plus new readers to this topic are becoming greatly confused. We obviously never meant for something like an anti-spam service to turn into a bad thing for some clients :) Give us a bit and we will figure something out that works for most people.
  11. I don't think we have said what we are planning to do :)
  12. I can say positively that nulled boards get nothing from us...
  13. Oh! So Matt says it and you listen! I see how it is... I shall go pout in the corner now. Woe is me, etc. :(
  14. The old licenses were: Perpetual: $185 plus $30/year for technical support Lifetime: $199 (no renewals) included technical support
  15. Calm yourselves :lol: We are working on options ... just give us a few days :)
  16. Luke: you really need to read the whole topic :)
  17. We are exploring options as I said earlier in this topic. One thing we do NOT want to do is keep increasing the prices as we add more services. That's not what we are after :)
  18. It logs every query so you can see what it sent us and what the response code was.
  19. Ah yes I do see 3 other tickets in there now... it appears they were not assigned properly. I will get those fixed and a tech should see them to reply.
  20. Yeah we have lots of options and are, of course, not going to post everything that it checks and such :) It's already caught spammers here on our forums too which is good.
  21. Yes, we could add it. I guess we will just have to see if it's worth it :) The system is new and will take a while to "learn" the spam behaviors of people, of course, so we can enhance it as we go.
  22. For the Perpetual / Lifetime license holders who are upset: First let me say we are not out to "grab money" or anything like that. I mean you are talking about a few extra dollars a year here - certainly not enough to get rich off. Anyone who has suggested this is our goal clearly does not recognize the years of honoring our past commitments that we have done or gone out of our way to be sure no one feels taken advantage of. What we are doing is simply covering our costs and creating a renewal structure that allows us to offer enhanced services, like the spam system, around our products. This is why we switched to the renewal very 6 months that the Standard license offers. That renewal structure covers the increased costs services like this entail so we can offer them at no additional fee. The Lifetime and Perpetual licenses do not include that type of renewal structure. We are discussing options internally to allow for those on Perpetual or Lifetime licenses to work into a solution without feeling like they are "losing out" on anything. We will update everyone once we come up with something. In the interim, just have a small slice of patience and understanding while we look into options. Thanks!
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