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Status Updates posted by Charles

  1. IP.Board 3.3 is in the client area but don't tell anyone.

    1. stoo2000


      Typcial, I only installed Beta 4 this morning..

  2. Use coupon ADDAPPS for 15% off IP.Board apps (Nexus/Gallery/Blog/Content/Downloads) until 1 November! Complete the suite today!

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    2. Scottca719


      aw i just missed it.

    3. Ziv Grosu

      Ziv Grosu

      ... missed it ...

    4. Ziv Grosu

      Ziv Grosu

      Coupon that saves up to 30% from the price of this board could bring here a thousand of people.

  3. Already have IP.Board or thinking of switching and wants the apps? Use coupon code ADDAPPS for 15% off all IP.Board apps!

  4. We just deployed quite a few fixes live on this site. You may wish clear your cache.

  5. IP.Board 3.2 Beta 2 and Beta 1 of applications for 3.2 are now available.

  6. Documentation is one of those necessary evils of software development.

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    2. ørret


      I never read it ^^.

    3. realmaverickuk


      Beta, please :op

    4. Kerem


      Hi, I'm looking for coupons to get a license. Can you help. thanks

  7. View New Content works so well in 3.2 I actually use that feature now.

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    2. invisiblex_merged


      yes true ..its good ... only the home page is not good .. rest all good.

    3. Hitori Bocchi

      Hitori Bocchi

      But it seems as if "By time period" doesn't work so well with every option (gallery/members) :(.

    4. .Ian


      Needs a refresh on the page and then one could have it open all the time on the side of the screen.

  8. So far, the IPS developer community has sold over $25,000 through the IPS Marketplace! http://topic.to/6r

  9. Another 5,400,000 posts flock from #vBulletin to #IPB - Welcome http://www.italiamac.it/forum !

  10. Feedback from 3.2 preview being applied... excited to show changes when preview reopens next week!

  11. New person in 3.2: Me: "Anything you don't like?" "not yet" "that's a good sign" "it is for me... usually I've found something to complain about by now"

  12. The unread topic marking system will now remember what page of a topic you left off reading rather than assume you read the entire topic on the first click. http://topic.to/5p

  13. IP.Board 3.2 entered the first phase of our QA process today. Still a long way to go but that's a big milestone. #ipb

  14. From someone who used 3.2 for first time today: "topic list is flawless, love the preview. didn't have to think about that at all it just came naturally"

  15. I am so excited about 3.2. Cannot wait to get everyone on the preview board.

  16. #IPB 3.2 interface is great! More features than 3.1 but looks like there is less going on - way more user friendly!

  17. What's new in IP.Board 3.2 topic updated with latest info http://topic.to/2j #ipb

  18. IP.Board 3.2 what's new so far topic updated http://topic.to/4g (lots of developer related additions) #ipb

  19. Working on IPS documentation updates. Everyone should find IPS docs much more useful soon! #ipb

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    2. media
    3. Nityananda


      I don't think video tutorials are that useful when you want to look up a piece of code, i hate having to jog through vids to find a specific piece of info lol
      This is just the problem. Your thought is on someone who wants to look up. For a real beginner the docs are next to useless, whereas I have already started to code on xenForo (albeit very basic) purely due to tutorial videos. Would love nothing more than to code for invision but struggle to start

    4. Charles


      Wow lots of replies :) I am going to create a documentation feedback forum once we get the obvious problems sorted so everyone can point out areas they want better explained :)

  20. Someone asked me difference between IPS announcement and IPS blog entry. Blog = what we're doing. Announcement = what we've done.

    1. sadel
    2. Infini9


      Hehe, wouldn't think it would be that hard to figure it out xD

  21. Lot's more to come for #IPB 3.2! There are blogs scheduled for every M/W/F through end of Feb and haven't even gotten to the good stuff!

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    2. Charles


      9:00 am EST ;)

    3. VibeC


      Will 3.1 skins still work on 3.2?

    4. Glumbo


      @DecB They will probably require an update

  22. Keep on eye on this topic for a continually updated list of what's new in #IPB 3.2: http://topic.to/2j

  23. The #IPB spam service is catching over 100 spammers an hour. Busy day for it.

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    2. ørret


      Haha I just got a pm here from a guy (probably bot) wanting me to click his ads on his blog.

    3. Jeuhen


      I use the IPB 2.3 software which doesn't have the Spam service, though i have custom applications that would be lost when upgrading and i couldn't afford to pay modders to help upgrade the custom applications. I've deleted far over 300 members from my board myself too. Spam registrations + Spam topics + Spam in their signatures/about me. I hate it. So far added over 50 IP addresses to the ban filters and 3 e-mail domains.

    4. Matt Enloe

      Matt Enloe

      PhunStyle: That's a self decision. You should upgrade, it's really worth it. :)

  24. IP.Nexus 1.1 release candidate is available on pre-release testing for those wanting to test before final release. #ipb

    1. Warzone


      thought it said: Gallery, but Noooooo...

    2. Breadfan
    3. davetheiguana


      Got to say, I'm looking forward to the release of Nexus now. I'm really pleased with what's been added/improved.

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