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  1. Does not work this way. Users can still use BBCode without the buttons. Also they can paste a preformatted text (with the knows setting forcePasteAsPlainText you disable it sysem wide; http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/415902-how-can-i-diable-ckeditor-wysiwyg-for-a-usergroup/)
  2. Me too. Sometime users can not click in it. They click but the editor neither get the focus nor a blinking cursor.
  3. Hello, can we make a list of IPB 3.4 features that are missing in 4.0? Maybe some of us do not find the feature but it is still there (so you can help and say: Hey it is called now XY and found under AB)... Or some features may re included in future IPS releases. Deactivate BBCode/text formatting (CKEditor HTML now) for specific usergroupsCustom RSS Export
  4. Test ​Uhm, no. The BBCode converts after you submit the post...
  5. Hello, I created a database but I don't need the Content Field in this case. How can I disable it?
  6. Hello, I created some extra Fields but how is it possible to search them or use something like a filter (show only downloads with a specific value)?
  7. This is a really cool feature facebook offers. Sadly it seems IPS do not support this.
  8. robots.txt always stays at the root of a domain or sundomain. You also don't need an extra webmaster tools site for a subfolder. It is peer domain/subdomain only.
  9. I do not unterstand... So with your solution guests are allowed to post formations, images, URLs, videos and so on but I should set it (by the way: how?!) that they will not see the result? And other usergroups will see what guest are posted (and of course can quote it, so guests may see their real post in a quote)? Uff...
  10. Ahhhhhh, I realized that guests can post [img]AN IMAGE URL[/img] . I really need to disable this (better completely every formation)! Before this I can't switch from vBulletin to IPS4.
  11. I want a usergroup to not post any formation (guest usergroup). How can I disable the editor and just show a plain text area. Disabling the view of every button is a mess and the usergroup can still paste formated text. Also they can use BBCode tags because the editor converts them too.
  12. Ah, I have so set the other language to default first! Now it works. Thx!
  13. The badge is labeled locked and I can't click on it.
  14. Hello, you build a very simple bug tracker here. If you worked with others you feel not so comfortable with this article like system here (my opinion). I'm missing some core features of a bug tracker like: Choosing the software version from a dropdown (at the moment you have to add a [4.0.MYVERSION] before the title) Let the customers see, in which version the bug will be or is fixed Add the status assigned or in work or something like this to bugs. So everyone can see if someone is working on it (or not) Add importance level like low, high or critical (or other words you like) Let all options be able to filtered (so I can see which bug from version 4.0.8 are critical and not fixed as an example) - show us how powerful IP.Pages can be with this!
  15. Hello, how can I disable the language English (USA)? Alternatively (if this is not possible) how can I hide the language to my users (usergroup permissions)?
  16. Yes! Step 1: Set the default app to something other than Forum. Step2: Go to AdminCP > Advanced Configuration > Friendly URLs. Step 3: Find the following Friendly URL and set (back when Forum is default) to following: forums/forum/{#id}-{?}.xml > forum/{#id}-{?}.xml forums/forum/{#id}-{?} > forum/{#id}-{?} forums/topic/{#id}-{?} > topic/{#id}-{?} forums/submit > submit Do not change the Real URL! That's it!
  17. ​No. IPS is not a forum software. It can contain a forum app but that is not necessary. So I would not run IPS inside a subfolder when using more then one app. But after all I also don't like the URL http://www.example.com/forums/forum/123-dummy/ when viewing the topiclist of the Forum called Dummy (ID 123). Luckily under /admin/?app=core&module=settings&controller=advanced&do=furlForm&key=forums_forum you can change the word "forum" to something like topiclist or topics. So it will look like http://www.example.com/forums/topiclist/123-dummy/ when viewing a forum. (you may change /admin/?app=core&module=settings&controller=advanced&do=furlForm&key=forums_rss too - so it looks the same for RSS)
  18. Hello, when I installed IPS there was a question which page I want to use as my index page. I choose the board. Now I created a custom page with IP.Pages and want to set this page as my default index page. But I can't find the setting in AdminCP (already searched for index, main, homepage ...)
  19. Reseting helped me, but there must be a manual solution.
  20. Hello, I installed a CKEditor plugin through AdminCP (just uploaded the ZIP file). It was just a test of this plugin: http://ckeditor.com/addon/bbcode Then I wanted to uninstall the plugin but I found no option in AdminCP. So I searched the file structure and just deleted the directory applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins/bbcode. But now I can not use the editor anymore. The whole editor disappeared when I click on edit or within the textarea... So how do I manage (uninstall) CKEditor plugins I installed through the AdminCP?
  21. But this can't be the solution?! At the moment I run a vBulletin 4 (want to convert). And the WYSIWYG editor just converts HTML to BBCode when pasting. If a code is not supported/if there is no matchable BBCode the styling will be removed.
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