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  1. Thanks Tarun ... it is an SEO crawler ... I wonder if spiders are blocked if an IPB website is offline, yet still show up on the online user list as a guest if they go to the log-in page? Thanks Arai ... I'll update to newest version in case this is also in play ... much appreciated all!
  2. Not sure what is going on here ... I'm currently developing my IPB community ( and have the community set for off-line (i.e. only admin can access with password). That being said, I just looked at the "online users" page and see four other "guests" and feel a little weirded out as there shouldn't be anyone else on the website with current settings. They are not in a specific page (i.e. my user name indicates that I'm "Viewing Online Users List") and the IP address for all current 4 guests start of with the same 7 numbers (i.e. xxx.xx.xx.___) Can anyone provide insights as to what might be going on and or what to do with this? Much appreciated! (PS - as I finish typing this, one of the 4 guests is no longer on the website)
  3. Please keep us posted on how things go with this ticket on this issue ‌@gaby
  4. I think that I'm experiencing the exact same issue ... @‌estan Did anything get figured out here? Or was your only work-around option to create a different admin account?
  5. Do @‌ mentions notify you via email or via PM? I'm getting neither, and so perhaps this is a browser plug-in issue brought up earlier in this thread by Ralf
  6. ‌@gfcguy ... I'm having issues with this on my site as well - I'm checking to see if I can mention myself here to see if this works on another IPB4 community. If this works for me here then the issue may be e-mail through my host server end (I am not using Mandrill)
  7. same issue on my 4.0.8 website (not live yet) ... php and no error log ... email test via ACP works, just not receiving incoming messages (just like gaby)
  8. Hi- My current navigation bar structure uses URL links on some tabs that go directly to specific forums. However when I click on the tab to go to the specific forum, the tab doesn't highlight - however the tab to the main forums application does highlight (or stay highlighted after clicked). Is there any way to have the specified URL in the navigation bar become the highlighted tab and not the main forums index page navigation tab? I don't think that this was an issue with 3.4.7 Many thanks!
  9. ​Ralf - love what you have done with your typography.guru website ... very inspiring!
  10. Is there a link to a working demo for this shoutbox somewhere? Would love to try it out from a user experience perspective.
  11. Regarding the chat area ... whenever you select "leave chat room" the message says "You have been kicked from the chat room" ... can that be worded a little less aggressively? (i.e. "You have left the chat room" or something similar)
  12. Great to see this section back! Question: In regards to providers, is it possible to search based upon entered criteria for providers? i.e. providers in a geographic range, or offering a specific service etc? Or is it simply a long list sorted alphabetically or chronologically?
  13. Great idea Joel ... and looking forward to how this development evolves - thanks IPB! How's about "Community Pulse"
  14. I don't know if this is a non-issue with the most recent beta version (I am stuck on an early beta due to upgrade issues), but when the header background is selected as white, is there a means to modify the text hyperlinks within the header to go from white to another color that enables contrast / visibility of the links "i.e. "Create" and "Sign In" / or displayed user name next to avatar. I guess the same goes for the title within the header - in the case of this current version of the Invision community site, could "Invision Power Services" be changed from white color text to another color that enables contrast if a white background is selected?
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