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  1. I came to bring the stars for you...:)
    happy birthday.

  2. Yes its the same Garcia. Its been what 2 or more years since I talked to you. If you want you can contact me on msn at brianandgarcia@gmail.com I am on once in awhile.

  3. lol, omg! I havnt talked to you in forever man.
    *at least i think this is the right person*
    I beleive you where a member of either IBV or IFS either way, hey.

  4. Hey Tolken, I Hav'nt talked to you in forever. I don't know if you remember me, but I remember IF Tomato, lol the good o'l days. Anyway just saying hi.

  5. lol, I thought you where a little older. You have done very well for yourself at only 16. Keep it up.

  6. Logan your only 16, holy crap!? lol

  7. Good job on the 2.2 beta. :)