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  1. understood! but my point is: allow user to enter URL to an online image for use as "User Photo", without upload to the server.
  2. I did not know that, thanks :P but then, if you put URL there, will it upload the image to server?
  3. Hi there! Just one suggestion: If a member want to set an avatar, he has two choices: Upload an image from computer to the board server or Enter a URL to an online avatar image Some board admins doesn't allow upload user photo because they doesn't have too much disc space in server, so they disable some features. With avatar there is an option that disable image uploads to server, but as I said, you can use avatar images hosted in any free image host (tinypic, photobucket, imageshack, etc.) Why not do the same with "User Photo"? Allow user to enter URL to an online image for use as "User Photo"? I really would like this. Thanks for your time =)
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